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And hey, if you are or know any Pink Galoshes Women, please holler cause I’d love to meet and profile you and them.

Regatta girls Regatta Girls Minnow Junior Galoshes Galoshes Rkf451 Pink Tulip Pink/Navy Rubber UK Size K11 (Eur 30, US Kids 11.5)

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  • Pink Galoshes Portrait: Ada Ballard Hewell
    17″ x 21″
    cut-up discarded clothing, cheesecloth, seed pearls, embroidery floss
    photo transferred to fabric
    hand stitched

    Oh, and those other words on her Pink Galoshes Portrait – gardening, entertaining, reading, socializing, learning, cooking – those are other things she’s good at.

  • This picture was taken in November 1933,
    six months after the bank robbery and kidnapping.
    As with all my Pink Galoshes Portraits, I’m also identifying how these women remained irrepressible in the face of devastation and hardship. For Grandmother, she had a loving family, and she loved her family. Plus it was 1933, right smack dab in the middle of The Great Depression, so she had no time to wallow and settle herself into the victim chair. She had babies to feed and a husband to love, so she pulled on her pink galoshes and tromped on through the mud and the muck to get to where she needed to go.

    Pink Galoshes Portrait, Maude Gay Hewell
    20.25″ x 16.25″
    photo transferred onto fabric
    pieces of a 1930s double wedding ring quilt somebody started but never finished
    French knots (36 hours’ worth)
    hand stitched

  • See, as I’ve stated on this site plenty of times before, galoshes definitely have their place in the rain, but they are not exactly designer statements (even the pink galoshes which are by old school standards little more than rubber overshoes).

pink skerry galoshes from tretorn! | My Style Pinboard | Pinterest

However, if you are looking for Pink Galoshes For Women, you are in for a treat. Some of the biggest names in pink rain boots have jumped in the mix like Kamik, Tretorn, and Sorel, all offering pink galoshes (rain boots).