Start-up and algae-killing pool shock!

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A very effective pool shock that uses di-chlor to instantly kill bacteria in your swimming pool.

Pool Essentials 25556ESS Shock Treatment, 1-Pound (Pack of 6)

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  • Our swimming pool shock is more powerful because it is a full strength chlorine based pool shock that is not blended with other ingredients like many pool shock treatments sold by many mass-merchants. Many mass merchants sell a blended pool shock, which contains a low amount of available chlorine. This form of pool shock also contains chemicals like clarifiers, flocculants and water balancers. This type of swimming pool shock may initially seem to be priced just a little less per pound. Do not be fooled! You must use over twice as much of this to get the same result you expect using full strength chlorine pool shock. Now calculate the pool shock price! So where is the lower cost?

    Pool super chlorination with a quality pool shock, like our pool super shock is a required part of routine swimming pool maintenance and water purification. The proper use of pool shock and routinely shocking the pool is the secret to having a successful, algae-free swimming season at the lowest cost. We carry chlorine pool shock and non-chlorine pool shock in various strengths for every pool size and type. Shocking the pool will keep the most common water problems away and clear cloudy pool water fast. We need to shock the pool water more frequently due to high swim bather load, rainfall, heat and sunlight. All of these will all deplete your primary pool sanitizer. This makes it difficult to maintain safe and clear water. Using a super shock treatment to super-chlorinate, "burns off" or oxidizes these excess contaminates and restores the power of the primary pool sanitizer.

  • We recommend using a chlorine pool shock or non-chlorine pool shock to oxidize excess contaminants for routine pool water treatment at least once every seven to ten days and more frequently after periods of heavy rain and large swim bather loads.

    Our pool shock treatments are safe to use with any swimming pool when applied correctly. Pool shock treatments are available in calcium hypochlorite (Cal-Hypo) shock, Dichlor shock and Lithium pool shock. We also feature a non-chlorine pool oxidizer that is great for shocking and swimming 15 minutes after treatment.

    Chlorine Pool Shock
    Price: $21.99 

  • Chlorine Pool Shock
    Price: $21.99 

    Now that you know why you need to shock your pool, the next question is how do you shock your pool. Before any shock is added to your swimming pool water the chemical must first be pre-dissolved in water. All forms of pool shock are granular, and should dissolve relatively quickly in water. The first step is to fill a 5 gallon bucket with water from the pool and slowly pour the granular shock into the bucket of water (NEVER add water to a chemical, always add chemicals to water). Stir the bucket well and agitate the water for one minute or more to dissolve the pool shock. With the filtration system running, slowly pour the bucket of dissolved shock directly in front of the return line fitting. You will see the dissolved shock water being carried out into the pool by the jet of water coming from the return line. Pour slow enough that all of the water coming from the bucket is carried out into the pool, and does not settle to the pool floor. When you near the bottom of the bucket (down to about 1/4 left in the bucket) you should fill the bucket back up with pool water and stir it again for one minute or more. There will be shock granules at the bottom of the bucket which did not dissolve the first time, and if you have a vinyl liner in your swimming pool you do not want any undissolved shock to settle to the floor.

Problem: “Where can I buy swimming pool shock?”

No, you should never add shock through an automatic chlorinator. Never mix different types of chlorine. Pool shock can be added to a bucket of water and poured directly into the swimming pool.