Potato Sticks Original, 16 Ounce -- 12 per case.

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Utz Potato Stix, 15 oz Canister
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French's, Potato Sticks, Original, 5oz Canister (Pack of 3)

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  • The bellow listed ingredients will produce quite a number of finger sized bites, but make no mistake – if you have more than 5 guests these cheese potato sticks will finish in a matter of minutes.

    Ballreich’s, based in Tiffin, received gold medals for Best Plain Potato Chip for its regular Marcelled chips and Best Potato Stick for its Smokey Sweet Mesquite snack. The latter product also was named overall champion in its product category.

  • This simple snack has an absolutely sinful look, and the taste is even more sinful, for sure. But it’s quite the contrary – these cute potato sticks are oven baked, and there are no fats in the recipe (except for the cheese).

    The Chip Festival is a national snack competition that included more than two dozen companies. Better Made won best potato stick for its original flavor and best spice/salt chip for its salt and vinegar.

    Herr's® Potato Stix - 3.25 oz bags

    15 - 3.25 oz. bags per case.

    Herr's® Potato Stix - 1 oz bags

    60 - 1 oz. bags per case.

    Herr's® Potato Stix Canister (12) - 5 oz. in a Case.

  •  Mix & Match! Click "BUY" to choose your flavors.

    Get the family together to enjoy this timeless snack! The Potato Sticks come in three great flavors: Classic, Salt & Vinegar, and Smokey Sweet Mesquite. With the same outstanding quality and taste, this product line features 0 grams Trans Fat, all natural ingredients and a fun new way to eat Ballreich’s!

    Do you remember those super crisp potato sticks in a can or pouch? The things you maybe grew up loving. The potato snack of the 80s lunch boxes. Lunch and recess were my favorites back then. They probably still would be up at the top. I’d much rather be hanging out with my friends, having fun and eating food than sitting in a classroom.

Potato Sticks - The French's Food Company

Do you remember eating those crispy shoestring potato sticks that came in a cardboard can from the grocery store?? OMG they were do good! Thin, crispy strings of potatoes with just enough salt, like if potato chips and french fries had a baby.