Tip #1: Run print head cleaning cycles.

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Printhead Cleaner for Epson Printers - 5oz 150ml

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  • Printer cleaning swabs are the safest way to clean visible deposits from the printhead. Pair Zebra's cleaning swabs with other cleaning card supplies for optimal performance.

    EVOLIS A5011 UltraClean Cleaning Kit for complete Evolis printer cleaning - 5 pre-saturated cleaning cards, 5 swabs, 1 box of 40 pre-saturated cleaning cloths - for several Evolis card printers, including Evolis Tattoo, Pebble, Dualys, Securion and Quantum printers.

  • Usually you will find that there is only a flow problem with say the black cartridge. However, running the print head cleaning cycle will force all of the cartridges to simultaneously pump ink through the print head into the sponge held inside the printer casing, whether there they are clogged or not. To compound the wastage you will often find that you have to run two or three successive cleans to rid the print head of the original problem.

    Obviously then you are burdened with the problem of unblocking the print head when the clogs reach their final destination; blocking up the Epson print head. You may be thinking that all Epson printers have a built-in “print head cleaning function” and you would be correct in the assumption. There is one flaw to that function however, the needless and frankly unacceptable wastage of ink.

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    Cleaning kit improves output and extends printer and cartridge life by removing dirt and debris. Use this laser printer cleaner on your equipment and supplies, including cartridges, printheads and rollers. Includes 3 pre-moistened sheets, and instructions on packaging.

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The first step is to have Print Queue Cleaner check for errors and solve them on the spot, an action that can be carried out at the expense of a single click on the 'Fix It!' button. There is nothing you have to configure and the program will do its job without hindering other running processes, the only downside being the fact that its main window cannot be moved or minimized.