I also discovered that I wanted a lighter overcoat and a raincoat.

Randy slipped on his raincoat, and then resumed his duty as a sentinel.

Portwest Classic Rain Jacket, Small to XXL, 3 colours - Navy - L

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  • , also referred to as anoraks, are heavy, waterproof coats. They provide optimum warmth, and as such, are generally reserved for colder climates. These raincoats have an attached hood and may also contain a drawstring waist. Parkas are usually waist or hip length, and some are lined with natural or faux fur. They may also be padded with down fibres or other material for added insulation. These raincoats feature large pockets, providing warmth to the wearer’s hands.

    To find a great raincoat that’s lightweight and packable, look for a coat that comes with its own travel pouch. If those pouch-style coats aren’t cute enough or if they don't fit, try searching for an unlined trench or a lightweight reversible jacket or coat in wrinkle-free fabric.

  • are typically less expensive than the cloth varieties. However, they may cause the wearer’s body to perspire more easily. In order to prevent this from happening, many manufacturers have created plastic raincoat styles with zips near the underarm sections. This helps to keep the area ventilated. Some plastic raincoats have an inner lining to facilitate comfort and warmth.

    If you are extremely tight on carry-on space, I recommend that you pack a raincoat-in-a-pouch instead of an umbrella, because a raincoat will keep your whole body warm and it's easy to scrunch a coat into an odd-shaped space. More tips:

    • Camouflage Printing all over the raincoat
    • Front Opening with zipper and buttons.

    • Printing all over raincoat
    • Reflective strips on sleeves

    There are various types of raincoat that range in length, material, and features. The level of warmth varies and should be selected to match the season, for example a lightweight coat may be useful for a typical British summer where some warmth is needed, but less than a winter raincoat. Selecting the right one is often a matter of personal taste, although it may be beneficial to consider the intended use of the coat as well.

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It all started with an old, yet stunningly cool, raincoat discovered in his grandfather’s barn on Arholma, an island in the Stockholm archipelago. After instantly falling in love with the practicality and sleekness of the coat, he found the right craftsmen and seamstresses to rework and perfect a modern fit. The result? Incredibly lightweight and impeccably tailored , each handmade in Poland. I just received my first this week and am officially ready for El Niño’s imminent arrival. But honestly, I would wear my new favorite raincoat any day – rain or shine.