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Apr 2013 . For Sale : Remington 770 308 with Scope and Davidsons ...

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  • Worth Noting The rifle is heavier than what it looks. With the scope, mount and rings, it was the heaviest of the four evaluated at 8 1/4 pounds. The weight is a double-edged swordit does cut down on the felt recoil, but it also is more noticeable after a long day of hunting. The magnum rifles such as the .300 Win Mag and 7mm Rem Mag weigh about 1/8 pound more. Of the four rifles reviewed, the Remington 770 is the only one offered in magnum calibers. The Model 770 comes as a package with a Bushnell Sharpshooter 3-9x40 mounted and bore sighted. The quality of the optics is what would be expected in a scope typically selling for under $50. While it may not have the clarity of a more expensive scope, it does work and has a limited lifetime warranty.

    To any thinking of buying the Remington 770, DON'T! It's the worst decision I ever made. I'm selling it as a first gun to a good friend of mine, only because he's short for cash and needs a gun for deer this year.

  • A rifle, even an affordable one like a Stevens or Savage rifle, deserves decent glass- as good as you can afford. The best way to go might be to sell the Remington 770...

    I am not sure what to do with the Remington because I don't want anyone else to feel the frustration I endured this hunting season so I guess I will just throw it back in the box and hope someone robs my house someday and I can use the gun as part of my insurance deductible. Of course I will not leave it on the porch but I will put it in the porch window and hope for the best. My only concern with this is the thief realizes the error of stealing a Remington model 770 and tries to return the gun, crying like a little girl and begging me not to press charges for breaking and entering.

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  • Technical Specifications
    Name Remington 770
    Calibre 243 Win (on test)
    Capacity 4 (DM)
    Barrel 22” (1-9” twist)
    Weight 8.5 lbs
    Extras Scope and mounts included
    Price £474 (inc VAT)

    The Remington Model 770 is the company’s latest foray into the first-time hunter rifle market. Following in the footsteps of Remington’s first budget rifle, the Model 710, the 770 comes as close to a right-out-of-the-box hunting tool as possible. The rifle is sold with a 3-9×40 scope already installed and bore sighted. In theory, all the buyer has to do is go out and fine-tune the point of aim a bit before trying for a deer. Some might say that the bore sighting can be trusted to be good enough, but in reality a little bit of diligence and practice never hurts.

The Remington 770 stock. (Photo credit: Gun Auction)

And let’s be honest here, a 7mm Magnum or bigger is not something a beginner would want to take to the range and shoot all day (in fact, I bought a 7mm Magnum because of my inexperience at the time). Fortunately the Remington 770 is , some of which are softer on the shoulder and easier on the wallet. The rifle is also available with a black or Realtree camo synthetic stock, comes with either a stainless steel or blued finish barrel, and has a magazine capacity of three to four rounds depending on caliber.