History of the Rock Salt we supply

We use Himalayan Rock Salt in our recipes for two of reasons:

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Morton Salt Ice Cream Salt, 4 Pound Box

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  • According to ayurveda, rock salt is fat burner. It improves metabolism in the body inhibits cravings for foods. The fat burner effect of rock salt is due to trace minerals present in it. However, its effect on eliminating fat is not significant, but you can use it as supportive therapy in weight loss. It also helps removing dead fat cells.

    However, rock salt may not have significant anti-inflammatory effects, but it can boost other anti-inflammatory herbs action in the body. Therefore, you can use it as supportive therapy in rheumatic arthritis and inflammatory skin diseases.

  • Everybody knows salt helps in raising blood pressure. You can also use rock salt for this purpose. In low blood pressure, you can take a half teaspoon of rock salt in a glass of water. You may require taking this remedy twice a day.

    For this purpose, using rock salt with garlic paste is best. You can also eat a slice of ginger sprinkled with rock salt for reducing abdominal distension.

    Rock Salt

    Ice A Way rock salt will quickly and effectively melt all the snow and ice on your walkways and driveways.  The specially formulated mixture is economical and safe.  It will continue to melt snow with temperatures as low as - 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Data about Rock salt
    Chemical formula NaCl
    Mineral class halides
    Crystal system cubical
    Hardness 2
    Density 2.1 g/cm3 to 2.2 g/cm3
    Color colorless, red, blue, violet
    Line color white
    Gloss glass gloss
    Break shell
    Fissileness perfectly

    Rock Salt is used as supportive ingredient in ayurvedic medicines, which are mainly beneficial in digestive ailments. Here are some main beneficial effects.

1) Rock Salt Strengthens the Bones

In our bath bags we use Himalayan rock salt to look pretty firstly. In the field of cosmetic science it is not just enough to have a product do the job, we want it to look great too. We want to that little bit of intrigue, that promise of luxury, something exotic. The salt does contain trace elements that make it pink but the initial reason for choosing it was that it adds a touch of luxury!