1950s vintage DORSEY BABY or Composition Doll rubber pants Diaper ...

We love the colors of this rubber duck diaper cake, a perfect addition to your duck baby shower theme.

Gerber Plastic Pants, 3T, Fits 32-35 lbs. (4 pairs)

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    I slid off my rubber pants washed them and myself and patted them dry with atowel. Dusting them with baby powder I was almost tempted to put them back onbut resisted and took them to my room to hide them away. I kept them hiddenand wore them often during my teen years, never telling anyone of my secret.I even bought rubber sheets in a small size that I fashioned into rubberdiapers. They were fun to wear too.

  • As I grew older I had a few bedwetting accidents and Mother let me keep myrubber sheet on my bed for security. The rubber pants I had, ripped or weretoo small for me to wear and I always day dreamed of beng a baby again andwearing my diapers and rubber pants. At night, when eveyone was asleep, Iwould take off my pyjamas and training pants and pull on my rubber sheetdiaper and go back to sleep. It felt so good to be wrapped up in it like hugerubber pants!

    Latex Rubber Diaper Pants by KINKY DIAPERS KINKY DIAPERS is offering a wide range of diaper pants and rubber pull-on pants to fetish lovers. KINKY DIAPERS is a sublabel of SUPERLIQUID and provides you with a selected collection of LATEX RUBBER PANTIES, BLOOMERS, RUBBER PULL-ON PANTS and cute ADULT BABY CLOTHES

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