Does uvex also have certified safety gloves?

Reduce the risks by wearing a pair of safety gloves and use nitrile work gloves when handling chemicals or other damaging fluids.

WELDING GLOVES by US Safe Sparks - EXTREME HEAT RESISTANT - Reinforced Palm with Kevlar Stitching Leather Glove - For Mig, Tig Welders, BBQ, Gardening, Camping, Stove, Fireplace, Medium, Large XL

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  • Women need to protect their hands on the job. Whether that's in gardening or construction, a pair of safety gloves with a reinforced palm often does the trick. At Safety Girl, our selection of womens safety gear includes gloves by Carhartt and Ironclad. Carhartt carries various nitrile and leather gloves. Leather safety gloves, in general, are ideal for outdoor activities, while nitrile is best for handling chemicals on the job. Additional features on Carhartt safety gloves for women include insulation and pig skin for a utility glove. Ironclad, on the other hand, is known as the maker for the Tuff Chix glove, which has a synthetic leather palm and nail guards for working outdoors.

    Protect your off-hand while cutting with this durable and easy-to-clean cut resistant glove. Available in a range of sizes, each glove is constructed from incredibly strong Spectra fiber with an industrial-strength polyester cover for exceptional cut resistance. Gloves clean up easily in the washing machine. For use with straight blades only. Not for use with wavy, serrated or moving blades. CAUTION: Glove is cut-resistant, but is not cut-proof or point-puncture resistant. Always use care when handling sharp utensils. Safety gloves for cutting food.

  • Safety gloves are hand garments meant for the protection of the wrist, hand, fingers, and thumbs from adverse processes or conditions. These items are virtually limitless in application and find employment in both industrial and commercial marketplaces. Their functionality is determined by the material and design of the glove.

    Gives You Puncture and Cut Protection
    TurtleSkin Safety Gloves have both puncture and cut protection and are flexible, lightweight, and comfortable.

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    For over 25 years SAFECARE GLOVES has been a major player supplying UniSeal® Nitrile gloves in bulk on annual bid contracts to State and Local governments for EMS Emergency services, Police, Corrections, and Security personnel.

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    Gloves are usually intended for specific applications but may be suitable for other duties. The usage of gloves should never fall outside the service scope provided by the manufacturer. The most common reasons to wear safety gloves is to provide the following: heat/chill resistance, puncture and cut resistance, static control, chemical resistance, flame retardation, anti-contamination, enhanced grip, water proofing, and hand visibility. The material and design of the glove dictates for which applications the garment is suitable. It is advisable to wear other items of PPE if a job requires the use of safety gloves.

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Lee helped me figure out the proper fit for the R-Safe glove. Great customer service right off the bat. Then the gloves arrived and I could finally see why it is nearly impossible to find a negative review. They are as well constructed as anything you'll find at any price, and they are comfortable. A bit tight at first, but that is explained as normal, and they have begun to loosen up and break in. Within minutes of putting them on I knew they were not going back! I'm not sure you can get a glove this good even paying $100 more. No carbon fiber crap, painful seams, glitzy do-dads, or bad stitching like you find in the competing brands. But plenty of protection.