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Are child safety seats and child restraint systems required in New York State?Yes. New York State law requires that

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  • Discuss other vehicles and child safety seats the child may ride in and provide instructions on how to repeat the correct procedure with other seats or when installing the seat in other cars.

    Always read the instructions and the information provided in the vehicle owner manual about the use of child safety seats or child restraint systems. Make sure you install and use the seat or system correctly at all times. Never use an infant seat in the front seat of a vehicle that has a passenger-side air bag. Make sure that other passengers use their seat belts.

  • How do I select the correct child safety seat or child restraint system?

    To select the correct protection for your child, carefully read the recommendations of child safety seat or child restraint system manufacturers. The recommendations tell you what age weight and height a child can be to use the seat or system. The recommendations are normally printed on the outside of the package.

    An appropriate child safety restraint system

    There has been some criticism of forward-facing child safety seats, in particular by the economist , author of the popular book . In a 2005 article in the , Levitt suggests that the available data does not support the necessity of forward-facing child safety seats for children over two years old, arguing that the cheaper and simpler alternative of seat belts offers similar protection as forward-facing seats. Levitt was a guest at the conference in the same year, and gave a lecture making the same case. Levitt's study and findings have been criticized and refuted by subsequent peer reviewed studies, that found child safety seats offer a considerable safety advantage over seat belts alone.

  • Safety seats and child restraint systems must be certified according to Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Standard 213. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the seat or system, and make sure you install and use the seat or system correctly. The Governor's Traffic Safety Committee website has a .

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On April 1, 1982 New York State's first child passenger restraint law went into effect. In 1985, New York State's mandatory seat belt law was enacted. The seat belt law includes mandatory use of a federally-approved child safety seat for children under four years of age. The focus of this page is on Child Safety Seats. For information about seat belts and air bags, please visit our .