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scholl odour control foot spray scholl odour control foot spray

Dr. Scholl's Odor Destroyer Deodorant Spray 4.7 oz.

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  • This review is for Scholl Odour Control Foot Spray. There are a few similar products on the market, but this is the one blue and white bottle with the blue lid, as opposed to the navy and yellow spray. More than 25% of the population admit to suffering from whiffy feet, so if you are one of those then read on, if you aren't, still read on, but bask in the fact that you don't offend the senses of those around you!!!

    I don't like wearing socks or tights, so my feet become quite hot and sweaty in my shoes and trainers. I also work in an office which is often far warmer than it should be, and often the result is warm sweaty feet which aren't very pleasant. I chose Scholl Odour Control, as it was the only footcare treatment that claimed to neutralise foot odour rather than cover it with an equally unpleasant scent. In the past I have purchased foot sprays which end up mixing with the smell of my feet and producing a quite putrid mix. On doing some research, I have found that Scholl have developed a neutralising system called "Neutra Active". This system has been tested and proven to treat foot odour rather than masking it, and not only can regular use leave you smelling sweet, it can also eventually protect your feet against odour returning.

    I waited to test the product on a particularly warm day at work when I was wearing some flat ballerina style pumps. As soon I felt my feet become moist I sprayed the product on the soles of my feet. I initially regretted applying it so liberally because my feet felt soaking wet. However, this only lasted about 40 seconds and they were dry again. I have quite sensitive skin and this can sometimes cause itching from sprays such as deodorants, but there was no such itching with this product, in fact it felt like it left a film of powder over my skin leaving it feeling much softer. During the day I was walking about a lot, and I have to say my feet felt dry and odour free for about 5 hours, when I was expecting a couple of hours at most, even though the claim by the makers is to give 24 hour protection, I was not expecting anything close to that. My husband has started using it, and his size 13's were prone to getting some fungal infections between the toes. In the 9 months that we have been using this product, he has not had a single fungal infection, and that surely cannot be a coincidence.

    I paid £3.54 for the 150ml size in my local chemist. You can also get a shoe spray to work alongside the foot spray. We have not tried that yet but may do with our trainers as we have been impressed with this product. It has been a godsend as I tend to buy cheap shoes for work, which I do know does not help with the sweat problem, but I get bored with shoes easily, and this spray has meant that they last that little bit longer.

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  • - Scholl Odour Control Foot Spray - this quick drying odour neutralising spray is designed to target odour and wetness effectively for a full 24 hours. RSP £3.35 for 150ml spray can.

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