Folding Mobility Scooter Chair for Seniors

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12V 35AH Jazzy Select GT Power Chair Scooter Battery - 2 Pack

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  • Folding mobility scooters are designed to offer comfort to their users. Individuals who require the assistance of a powered scooter may need to sit for long periods of time and operate the scooter in tight and narrow spaces. Therefore, it is vital that the unit is designed with a comfortable chair and controls that are easy to reach. Many scooters offer chairs that are mounted on a swivel so that the user can turn to the side in order to easily mount and dismount the scooter. Quality scooters also have comfortably-positioned steering handles and thumb levers that are easy to reach and manipulate to control movement and speed. They also have an area where the user can place his or her feet in a manner that promotes comfort.

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  • This beautiful yellow mobility senior scooter chair for sale, besides looking gorgeous, has a 320 lbs capacity and it completely folds for easy transportation and storage!
    It is very stable and very comfortable.
    It is a fast and very easy way to transport this senior scooter inside any trunk!
    As I said before, I see a lot of elderly folks down here in Florida riding these everywhere, specially to our local CVS store and local supermarket!
    Perfect for traveling as well!
    The chair is very comfortable and it is a great way to keep seniors active and involved in family activities and outings.

    This is a great travel power scooter chair for seniors that can be easily disassembled into 5 pieces.
    Th range is about 9 miles per charge and the speed is 5 mph.
    It is very stylish and great for taller seniors, due to the extra foot space!
    The comfy armrests can also be adjusted for the right height for you!
    It is compact, lightweight and it was rated 4 stars by users.
    It has a fair price and overall is a very good 4-wheel scooter.

  • What Piaggio did for the world of scooters, Bel & Bel does for the world of desk chairs...made out of scooters. Not to marginalize their coolness. The newest edition of Bel & Bel's Scooter Chairs swivel from unassuming upholstered fronts to rockin' and curvy backsides made from the chassis of authentic 1980s-era Vespas.

Vespa Scooter Office Chairs | Scooters | Pinterest

spanish workshop founded by artists and designers carles bel and jesus bel, have launched a set of new editions of the ‘scooter chair’ from original parts of the legendary italian scooter. re-working the chassis the team have created a handmade swivel chair in limited numbers.