Enhance With Eyelet: Inspiration Tips for How to Sew Eyelet

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Wrights Swiss Eyelet 1 1/8" Wide 10 Yards-White 186 2460-030

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  • Start sewing 3 inches from the end of the trim and stop sewing about 3 inches before the starting point of the trim. Trim and sew the eyelet trim together, then continue to sew the trim to the blanket. Turn the seam allowance to the inside of the blanket. Fold the seam allowance on the front of the blanket 18 inch past the stitching line, and top-stitch the front of the blanket to the eyelet trim. Sew on top of the stitches on the binding that holds the eyelet trim in place.

    Sew a 1-inch pompom onto the end of the body for the tail of the bunny. Sew two eyes, a small pompom for the nose and yarn or stamens from a silk flower for three whiskers to the front of the head to complete the face.

  • There are two primary ways to sew eyelets: with the buttonhole loop facing inward, or the buttonhole loop facing outward. Â Both are equally acceptable, and in both cases the side of the garment where the loops are visible should be the inside. Â It can also be helpful to first sew a running stitch in a circle slightly larger than you want your eyelet opening to be. Â I am not aware of any extant medieval garments where this was done, but it was definitely done post Renaissance and helps to ensure the eyelet ends up exactly where you want it and the correct size. Â It is also completely covered by the eyelet stitches, so it should not be visible on your finished garment.

    If you have not already done so, I recommend reading .  It describes what supplies you will need for hand stitching medieval garb, how to start and end your thread, and the basic stitches upon which most other stitches are based.  This tutorial illustrates two methods of sewing eyelets found on extant medieval garments, and discusses some variations for later period style corsets and covering modern split metal grommets.

  • Eyelet fabrics and trims are always popular in fashion and home decor projects, providing a quick and simple way of adding texture, visual interest and femininity to the simplest or most complex of . When you know how to sew eyelet, you can use it for your entire project or just add a little of it for detail. Need some inspiration?

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Summer is a perfect time to sew up eyelet fabric—it’s got a natural “air-conditioning” and can add a bit of class to even a simple running errands outfit.