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Is it Ethical to Shop at Walmart

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  • TAG : Don't Shop Walmart - Edison NJ - 11-28-2014
  • I was so disappointed when I went shopping at WalMart and found out the prices at this store is more expensive then expected. I spent hours getting coupons for the items listed here that was not a deal after all. I did not find many good deals except for the cascade. I got 3 tablets for $1 which was free with my coupon. I really wanted the Olay. Was this a trial size and where was it?
    I live in a small town and it seems Safeway works better because they double and have had some good deals lately.

    Wow that’s really expensive for milk. I could never afford that. I usually shop at Walmart but i also go to Aldi’s. Our milk is 2.67 at Walmart for 2 percent and about 2.37 at Aldi’s. But our Aldi’s and Super Walmart are in 2 different directions from where I live. Really sucks. I also bring in competitor ads to walmart. I can get some pretty good offers then running all around to each store but yes i do compare prices first. Usually all the other stores are expensive. I wish they would do the buy one get one free ads from like Walgreens though. That would make it so much better!

  • What are your tips for making shopping at Walmart a smooth experience? Or what feedback would you provide to improve the shopping experience there?

    Shopping at Walmart is an activity that can cause mixed feelings. One minute you can be excited about the deals you are finding and the next, well, the next can be filled with a bit of frustration. However, in general shopping at Walmart is a very straightforward process (for the most part).

  • I’ve been shopping at Walmart for some time now, and it’s only in the past month where I have run into problems. First they wouldn’t take my coupons, and then last time, I was told that they do not price match any other Walmart store or local Competitor…..

Shopping at Walmart with Imagination

After all of the fraudulent activity going on in Walmart, the company’s senior manager of Communications Erica Jones was forced to release a statement about the recent slew of credit card skimmer incidents. She wanted to assure everyone that Walmart employees were not responsible for the criminal activity and encourage you to still shop at Walmart. But can we trust them anymore?