N110HE Type Stylus for Shure M110HE etc - Our Needle 776-DHE


Shure N110HE Type JICO Brand Shibata Stylus for Shure M110HE Cartridge - our Needle 776-DSH-.:JICO Brand Shibata Stylus Upgrade for Shure's N110HE:

Cartridge Model Original Replacement Stylus Available from Shure

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  • The LP Gear replacement for the Shure N110HE needle stylus is used with the Shure M110HE phono cartridge. The stylus features a highly polished hyperelliptical round diamond bonded to a hollow metal alloy thin-wall cantilever. It offers superior tracing of record grooves and elevates musical performance and harmonic sound quality to a very high level of realism and fidelity. The stylus is recommended for use when excellent sound reproduction for listening and recording is very important.
    - For upgrades and accessories that enhance sound quality and fidelity, refer to Related Products.

    Shure M110HE Phonograph Cartridge with Genuine Shure N110HE Hyperelliptical Stylus [On Body]
    P-Mount and Universal Mount

    Brand New [Old Stock]

    I have up a brand new classic Shure M110HE P-Mount and Universal Mount cartridge.

    Included in this offer is a new old stock genuine Shure N110HE Hyperelliptical stylus which is on the Shure M110HE cartridge.

  • bluesjab's bluesjab System
    IP Address: Last Update: March 31, 2014 at 21:55:22
    Amplifier: JVC RX-206: 40WPC Stereo Receiver.
    Preamplifier (or None if Integrated): None.
    Speakers: MTX Audio AAL12B:
    100W RMS, 200W Max; Sensitivity 92dB.

    Sony MDR-V6 Headphones.
    CD Player/DAC: Sony CDP-360Z: Five CD Changer.
    Turntable/Phono Stage: JVC ALF3:
    Fully Automatic Direct Drive P-Mount Turntable.

    Ortofon 320U phono cartridge.
    Shure MP94E phono cartridge.
    I alternate between these two cartridges:
    MP94E for headphone listening, sometimes the 320U for speaker listening.

    Cambridge Audio 640P: Phono Pre-Amplifier.

    I also have:
    Shure M110HE phono cartridge.

    Other Source(s): Denon DRM-740: 3 Head 3 Motor Cassette Deck.

    Kenwood KX-95W: 2 Head, Double Cassette Deck.

    Sansui SE-1000: Stereo Graphic Equalizer.
    No longer using.
    Other Accessories/Room/Misc.:
    Speaker Cables/Interconnects: 16 gauge speaker wire from Radio Shack.

    Radio Shack interconnects except>
    Kimber Kable Hero with WBT-0144 connector: To connect 640P to Receiver.

    TC-716 Source Selector.
    Other (Power Conditioner, Racks etc.): Realistic APM-500: Audio Power Meter.
    No longer using.

    KAB EV1: Record cleaning machine.

    Zerostat 3
    Music Preferences and Comments:
    Music Used (Genre/Selections): Blues, Classic Rock, Alternative.
    System Goals/Comments: I want to upgrade my entire system to more of a high end system. I will start with the turntable; then an integrated Amp, and move on from there.
    System Strengths: Good sound-stage, good high frequency response.
    System Weaknesses: Turntable/Shure MP94E sounds great with headphones, but a little too warm thru speakers; like a blanket over the sound.

    Turntable/Ortofon 320U is more accurate, but too bright thru headphones; this setup sounds better thru speakers.
    Video/HT System: Separate

Shure N-110HE stylus,Jico S.A.S