Do not use sharp utensils or knives with silicone bakeware.

Why use Technique® Silicone Bakeware?  It Works!

Modern Everyday Silicone Value Baking Set Includes Rectangle Bread Pan, Square Cake Mold, Round Cake Mold, Round Pie Mold

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  • I have never used silicon bakeware & was just researching it because I wanted to buy a muffiin pan. After reading this, think I’ll jut buy muffin papers instead. Thanks!

    Silicone bakeware sets are fantastic to bake with. Silicone is durable and easy to clean. It goes from the oven, refrigerator, freezer, and straight into the dishwasher. Silicone bakeware sets clean up easily without any scrubbing, even if batter drops on the pan or baking mat, the bakeware will clean up easy. Another really nice thing about baking with silicone and kids is that a few minutes after the bakeware is removed from the oven it will begin to cool and it will cool fast!

  • My silicone bakeware does NOT smell. If yours does, please don’t use it. Return it to the manufacturer. Don’t assume all silicone is the same. There are many grades.

    I just can’t bake in silicone–but I do buy nice ones cheap at yard sales (because not many do bake with them and they don’t know what else to use them for) Silicone bakeware is FANTASTIC for freezing and making healthy “candy” with coconut oil. I use the silicone mini bread pans for freezing broth. Tovolo makes a nice twisty silicone popsicle mold. I love the gigantic ice cube trays for freezing leftovers or manageable amounts of beans or veggies to add to soups, leftovers, babyhood, etc. I roast red peppers by cutting off both ends and flattening the rest into a long rectangle. After they are peeled and cooled I roll them up into layers that look like big rosettes. When frozen put in zip freezer bag. Easy to slice when frozen and add to anything.

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  • Model No: Z01-061
    Place of Origin: Guangdong,China (Mainland)
    Type: Cake Mold
    Brand Name: Jewelives
    Item Name:: Muffin cake Molds
    Color: Pink
    Usage: Silicone baking ware
    MOQ: 3000pcs
    Delivery time: within 15days
    Shape: cupcake in flower
    Material: Food safe Silicone
    Feature: easy remove,easy clean
    OEM & ODM: Pop bake molds
    direct manufacturer: Ready Mold

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Silicone bakeware purchased from well-known kitchenware brands is usually made of FDA-approved food grade silicone and this should be clear on the packaging description. Each piece of silicone has its own limitation as to manufacturer recommended maximum oven temperature, which is usually stamped right on the product. Heed those heat limits and you'll enjoy using these for years.

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