Darkstar Skateboards Walmart Darkstar ds40 31" complete

Accidentally broke a skateboard at Walmart

Sunzone Mini Complete Skateboard Plastic Cruiser Standard Skate Board Trucks 22 Inches (Black Board+Mix Wheel)

Too low to display
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  • Tressa bought Ja'Ovvoni his first skateboard at Walmart, which he quickly broke, then another, and then better-made ones as he progressed. She told him to pursue his dream, even if it was skateboarding. Ja'Ovvoni said his mother never let her kids go hungry or let them lose sight their dreams.

    Gabriel has had a hankering to try skateboarding for awhile now. When I heard that Shaun White had a new line of affordable kids skateboards at Walmart we headed there. We were on the lookout for them, but the regular skateboarding aisle was almost entirely cleared out of skateboards. Go figure? We asked an employee where the Shaun White Skateboards were and he directed us to an end cap display of them. They too were almost wiped out!

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