Skyking RC helicopter HCW 8500 8501 balance charger box

Skyking RC helicopter HCW 8500 8501-02 connect buckle of stabilizer bar

8500 8501 Sky King Rc Helicopter Alloy King Helicopter Spare Parts Main Blades Set

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    HUGE 3ft Sky King RC Helicopter HCW 8500. This is one very big Co Axial remote controlled helicopter. Its very very stable and has no shortage of flashing LED's all over it. Real easy to fly for beginners but you will need space for this one. This helicopter can be found at

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    Posted: Sun Dec 12, 2010 8:37 pm
    Post subject: Skyking helicopter

    Hi there I have just bought a skyking rc helicopter and everytime I try to take off it seems to tip over is there something i'm missing or should this take of steadily.

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Skyking RC helicopter HCW 8500 8501-14 Main gear A & retainer ring