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Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves with Piezo Ignition (Orange)

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  • Wood pellet heating is now fairly established for the home or business however there is another niche in small portable pellet stoves for camping and other similar uses. The main differences being that the heat output does not have to be as high and also avoiding the need for an electrical supply is pretty important. However with stoves now like the BioLite this does sort of change the rules on fan assisted portable stoves. The Clarry wood pellet stove has primarily being designed for hunting trips, but really any time you are in a tent in the cold the stove will come in handy. The stove is quite compact, light and can therefore be carried and assembled by one person. Once the legs and the chimney have been fitted put in a bag of premium grade wood pellets and your pretty much ready to go. The Clarry pellet stove works on the principle of gravity feed. The pellets fall through the hopper and on to the grate. As the pellets burn a void is created which is filled with new fuel falling from above. This is the advantage of pellets and their high density, that they can flow through a hopper and not bridge. To start the stove a small amount of gel fire starter is put in the ash draw next to the pellets that fell through. A single bag of premium grade wood pellets will provide 8 hours of heat which is pretty impressive for such a simple design. You could try standard grade wood pellets however I suspect that the higher ash content will block up the grate. This would be particularly true for other biomass fuel pellets such as grass pellets that almost inevitably would leave a clinker stopping the combustion. Another possible use I have thought of for such a none powered stove would be for greenhouse heating. During cold nights its important to stop the plants freezing, a simple stove such as the Clarry maybe a cheap solution to this issue for small greenhouses. Thanks for reading and please leave your comments below.

    Ivory Okimono of Silk Weavers, Japan, 19th century, a couple joyfully working together pulling silk from silkworms using a small portable stove, a spinning wheel, and two baskets, all carved and

  • Trangia has been in the stove business for 75 years so they know a thing or two about stoves and not a jot about frying chops. The 27-1 UL Small Portable Stove is a little beauty for the single walker or the single walker who finds a friend. It'll take up minimal room in the rucksack but offers more than adequate space for cooking and boiling - just place large billies on the raised supports in the upper windshield. Encouraging you to eat your veggies when Mum's not there, Trangia's thrown in two 1L saucepans (1 graduated, 1 ungraduated), an 18cm frying pan, a burner, a pan grip and a strap. (The strap's for naughty boys who won't eat their broccoli, I guess.)

    ultra-light aluminium
    Stove with 2 x 1.0 litre saucepans
    Graded and ungraded 1 x 18cm frypan

The Pip is a lot like the small pot bellied stoves of old