My favorite snow shovel is my Craftsman 9.0 hp snowblower

The best snow shovel is not the typical “snow shovel”

My favorite is the Snow Plow brand of snow shovels. They’re light an extremely durable.

AAA 4005 Blue Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel

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  • First comes the snow followed, by the snow plows and finishes with you car stuck in a pile of snow. Get unstuck with the Suncast Telescoping Snow Shovel! A collapsible handle allows this full size shovel to be folded down to take up less room in your car. So whether you get stuck on the street, in a parking lot or you just need a more compact shovel for your house, be prepared this winter with the Suncast Telescoping Snow Shovel!

    My favorite snow shovels are like the one pictured that I buy on sale for about $8-10 at the local Farm & Fleet store or Menards. I do like a 27″ wide plastic Suncast pusher for clearing light snows or cleaning up after the snowblower. The plastic makes a lot less noise and is a lot lighter than my all metal one. I also use a plastic one (without a metal wear strip which would be damaging) for our composite deck. I haven’t had any problems with plastic shovels cracking even when it is really cold (-25 degrees F).

  • Back to the point – Do you have a favorite brand/style/size or winter snow shovel that you would consider “The Best?”

    It’s getting hotter by the day and as the temperatures soar don’t you wish you were back to shoveling snow. Ah, yes grass is always greener on the other side! Inspired by the ice cream scoop, we have here the Showvel – a snow shovel that scoops snow into balls. Making snowman gets easier and more fun; winter please come soon!

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    The Snow Wolf wheeled snow shovel now comes with a Snap on Wear Strip to extend the shovel life. The Snow Wolf is a fast and safe alternative to shoveling. With virtually no effort, this snow shovel can throw snow without twisting or lifting. The wheeled shovel design greatly reduces the risk of back and heart injuries associated with snow shoveling. The Snow Wolf revolutionizes the mechanics of snow shoveling – outperforming many snow blowers and is 3x faster than shoveling. It is environmentally clean, quiet, and maintenance-free. The Snow Wolf multiplies mechanical force and leverage at the axle or fulcrum point of the 35-inch wheel. With a seesaw action, it’s possible to throw twice as much snow as a traditional snow shovel into piles 4 to 5 t high. Great in all snow conditions, from slush to over 2-feet (and especially for heavy) snow. Made of heavy gauge steel and injection-molded polypropylene, the Snow Wolf can move up to 2-feet of heavy snow with their 26-inch extra wide blade. Easy to maneuver – performance tested by professionals and consumers around the world. 20-30 minutes to assemble, and comes with a DVD video guide along with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
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    26″ Wide, 4 Way Snow Shovel, High Capacity Blade With Wearstrip, Can Be Used As A Pusher Or A Shovel, Ergo Designed Mid Grip & End Grip For Optimal Hand Placement & Back Posture While Lifting, Unique Foot Step For Maximum Leverage, Single Piece Lightweight U-Shaped Aluminum Handle, Blade Measures 25-3/4″W x 34-1/2″ .
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    Is this the best winter snow shovel? Probably not. But I spent some time searching for well recommended models, and came across many gimmicks that received very mixed responses.

24in Steel Snow Shovel (NSP24L)

We highly recommend to buy the Snow Wolf SW0310 which is the best snow shovel with wheels. It may cost more than ordinary snow shovels, but it takes less the effort and you will not risk injuries or aches all over your body after clearing the snow build up. This Snow Wolf wheeled snow shovel can outperform small snow throwers without the expense of electricity and gas. Another advantage is there are no fumes or noise generated.