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  • The Ultrasport Swing Stepper combines a compact design, resistance bands, and simple display console to provide you with an effective cardiovascular and muscle toning workout, even if you are limited on time or space.

    Unlike many stepper machines, the Ultrasport Swing Stepper also features a display console with an LCD screen to keep you informed with important workout information.

  • Finally, you are going to need a big desk and some short legs if you want to use the GZ PC-Sport Power Stepper correctly. I'm tall and my legs were up in my chest during the workouts—and adjusting the height of the steps on the machine only serves to reduce your range of motion which, in turn, reduces the effectiveness of the machine. Again, just about any type of workout is better than nothing, but you could get more out of your $200 by getting a gym membership and using your lunch hour for a quick 30-minute workout. []

    The purpose of training using the Ultrasport Swing Stepper is to simulate the sensation of walking up steps while working your legs up and down in the same place.

  • When combined with the resistance bands, this particular stepper can be used to help tone the following muscles:
    Selling exclusively through Amazon, Ultrasport is a fitness company that specializes in designing high quality cardio equipment, strength equipment, and clothing all at very competitive prices.The is currently the best selling exercise bike, while this Ultrasport Swing Stepper is the best selling stepper, with very positive overall user reviews.

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The sturdy steel construction and extra-large, non-slip treads of the Ultrasport Swing Stepper give you the confidence to really get the best out of each workout.