The whole process begins with IKEA’s BEKVAM step stool:

The Rubbermaid 3-Step Highback Step Stool is designed for safety, stability and comfort.

Jeronic 11-Inch Plastic Folding Step Stool, Black

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  • With an original Primo potty, you get an advanced four in one household accessory with a well-designed soft seat that keeps kids as comfortable as possible when in this. This is unlike some hard plastic models with cold and uncomfortable surfaces that often frustrate babies. Pricing is also decent while the four-stage accessory that individuals get (standalone potty, seat reducer (soft toilet), and step stool) grows with your bundle of joy. If style is a concern, this potty has an aesthetic pastel blue and white theme that does not stain over time. Its unique in molded design, on the other hand, is stable and very easy to clean, while the handles that come integrated on its body offer the required support, particularly during the first few weeks of use. Buy an original to get several reward stickers, toilet training tips, and discount coupons.

    As its name suggests, this princess pink step stool potty from Fisher Price is an advanced two in one accessory with a durable plastic construction that never disappoints. Featuring a compact and portable design that works well indoors and outdoors, you get a high-performance accessory that your baby will enjoy using daily. Clean up is very simple (because of its removable bowl) while its integrated splashguard benefits women with boys. It contains urine well to lower the risk of unsightly messes in your home whenever he is using this potty. You also get an advanced grow and learn system that your baby will use for several years to come, sturdy handles that stabilize and keep kids safe whenever they are using it, and an advanced sensor-based reward system that plays one of four royal tunes whenever your baby uses this potty well.

  • Another kind of purely practical step stools are those especially designed for end-users who have significant issues with balance: some seniors, for example. One challenge here is the trade-off between a super-sturdy product and one which is lightweight enough to be readily moved from place to place, as needed. This and a large slip-resistant platform weighs 8 pounds. Another advantage of the long handle is that the end-user can move it without bending down.

    The is another interesting dual-purpose product. Besides being used around the house, garage or workshop, it could be tossed into the car or truck for those who sometimes need a step stool as part of their on-the-go toolset.

  • Place a step stool under your feet while on the toilet so you’re in a squatting position. This position, which most countries continue to use, straightens your rectum, relaxes your puborectalis muscle and encourages the complete emptying of the bowels without straining. It can also relieve constipation and hemorrhoids.

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Storage that's hard to reach—the rafters in garages, the top shelves of kitchen cabinets, bedroom closets and tall bookcases—is a common problem in homes, and sometimes in offices. As a professional organizer, I recommend step stools (or short ladders) to my clients all the time, so they can make use of the storage space available to them, without standing on chairs and risking their safety.