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  • The skinny? Baby Gear Lab’s Spurrier evaluates the Baby Touch as having good image quality, above average range and easy to use with great pan/tilt/zoom. On the other hand, it has no sound activation and relatively few features. He deems it a good baby video monitor but not a great one; user reviews on the Baby Gear Lab web page are not nearly as sanguine. One of the upscale Summer Infant video monitor models will cost in the neighborhood of approximately $250.

    I picked up the Summer infant baby video monitor after we had our second child and I couldn't be happier. The system does exactly what you would expect, but I was happy...

  • Summer Infant Digital Video Baby Monitors help parents watch their babies and children. Summer makes a range of digital video baby monitors to meet the needs of parents, babies, and growing families. Parents...

    The U.S. , in cooperation with Summer Infant, today announced a of about 800,000 rechargeable batteries used in Summer Infant video monitors because the battery in the handheld video monitor can overheat and rupture, posing a burn hazard to consumers.

  • Following nearly two dozen reports of rechargeable batteries for handheld infant monitors overheating, the manufacturer has issued a recall for more than 800,000 batteries sold with Summer Infant video monitors, indicating that they may pose a risk of burns and fires.

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The Summer Infant Video Monitor was given to us as a baby gift. We were a bit skeptical of using it at first since we live in a small home and didn't think we would really need it. Boy, were we wrong! We have used the video monitor every day since our little girl was born. It has been so handy to be able to visually check in on her without actually having to get out of bed, particularly at 2:00 am when you are exhausted. It's so convenient to be able to see if our daughter actually needs us or if she is just dreaming. The video monitor allows you to turn the video feed on an off, so you aren't kept up at night by the light from the monitor. The only problem we have had with the monitor is that occassionally we have gotten feedback from other monitors in our neighborhood. Houses are located very close to one another and there are many young families nearby. With only two channels to select from, at times it can be difficult to get a clear channel. However, I find that to be a small drawback to an otherwise great product. I have only used this in a small, one-level home, but I'm sure it would be even more handy in a large home where you are separated from your child's bedroom.