Oh, and my favorite… sweet vegan cream cheese!

Sweet Cream Cheese Pretzel at Lunching Pad

Zapps Sweet Pimento Cream Cheese Potato Chips, 2 - 5oz Bags

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  • I recently returned from WDW and ordered what I thought was simply a soft pretzel. What a pleasant surprise when I learned it was filled with sweet cream cheese! They are addictive and the only plus from overdosing on these babies is that you do so much walking around in the various parks that you’re sure to burn them off. DELISH!

    The sweet cream cheese pretzel is our favorite WDW snack. My husband won’t snack on anything else. Unfortunately, we can’t find them, and a cast member confirmed that they are no longer sold. It’s spring break 2016; don’t know when they made this decision. Disney had them last year. We’re very bummed that these pretzels are gone )-:

  • The cream cheese filling is a little ode to . I love that sweet cream cheese surprise inside! It’s such a wonderful, rich twist to blueberry pie.

    I had somehow never used that dynamic duo in a pie, but I have now remedied that in a big way with these little pies. They’re filled with a fairly traditional blueberry pie filling, but they have a little cream cheese twist with a layer of sweetened cream cheese in the bottom of each pie.

  • I have a confession. Until this past week, I had never actually eaten my very own sweet cream cheese pretzel in Walt Disney World. So when my husband and I decided to throw caution to the wind and head into the Magic Kingdom at 11pm on a Saturday during Spring Break, we figured it was high time to make a change.

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I am so excited to share this Chocolate Crepes with Sweet Cream Cheese Filling recipe with you!! Like seriously, you have no idea. This is a recipe that has been passed down through the generations in my family. This rich chocolatey recipe came from my Oma (my father’s mother) & my whole family has always called them (Dutch) chocolate pancakes. Every time we would visit my grandparents my Oma would have these Chocolate Crepes filled with her homemade vanilla custard already rolled & ready for us to enjoy.