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Swelling-after-ipl-laser-treatment, here are some things to try for swelling after an ipl treatmemt: ice, ice and more ice right after the treatment. they should give you several ice/cold packs so you can sit for 20-30 minutes, even if it’s just in the waiting room, with the ice on your face. try taking an antihistamine like the non […]. Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: dr. king on swelling after ipl treatment: these are normal after that procedure. (red streaks, heat, pain, purulent discharge are not normal.)., i just had my first ipl treatment today and my face is swollen under my eyes and a couple other places. will this go down soon? i'm worried that it's permanent. - that will help reduce the swelling. you don't want to use it for too long as it thins the skin. i have to tell you, i've had five.

Hi everyone, i had my second ipl on thursday, it was still painful as ever, but the nurse was good, she took her time to get me through it. i was fine after the ipl, same as before, just redness, as well as a little bruise on my right cheek, and some blistering on that bruise, as well as below my eye on my left cheek. the nurse must have saw the blisters forming, she said to put polysporin on ..., photofacial aftercare | what to do and what not to do post treatment. lasers; 2 min read; one of the great things about an ipl photofacial is there is essentially no social down time. however, there are a few photofacial aftercare recommendations that can ensure optimal results. what to expect after an ipl photofacial. immediately following your treatment, the treated ares will be pinkish red ....

Here's the report i just posted at the fda website: from an ipl laser treatment for rosacea from a quantel prolite 2 machine on july 28 2012, i experienced immediate swelling on the jaw line, both left jaw and right jaw., been icing, which really helped the redness, heat, and swelling yesterday. but this is a different type of swelling, if that makes sense. guess we have to lower the settings next time. just read that benadryl can help, so i'll take some at bedtime and see what happens..

Ipl photofacial faqs from what risk factors are involved to how to prepare the skin before undergoing a treatment, anyone considering ipl treatments is well-advised to consider the following questions., it feels like a small electric shock that intensifies when the zap approaches the mouth and nose area. it's nonetheless tolerable, far less painful than, say, bikini waxing. and the amount of zaps requires for a full face photofacial is between 15 and 20, roughly-speaking, so it's really no big deal.