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  • As shown in the drawing and, particularly, in FIG. 1, in order to avoid the maneuvering handles 11'a to 11'd and 12'a to 12'd permanently projecting from the walls 5, which would increase the size of this table football machine to no useful purpose, in the zone of each bearing 9 corresponding to a maneuvering handle, each wall 5 has a recess 17a to 17c and 18a to 18c capable of receiving this handle when the rod with which it is associated is displaced to the end of travel in the direction of its free end.

    As shown in the drawing, this table football machine consists, as is known per se, of a box structure 2 whose rectangular base 3, which reproduces a football pitch, is surrounded by four vertical walls, namely two transverse walls 4 and two longitudinal walls 5.

  • In any case, the invention will be satisfactorily understood with the aid of the following description and with reference to the appended schematic drawing which represents, by way of nonlimiting example, an embodiment of this table football machine:

    It should also be noted that the arrangement of the table football machine according to the invention does not involve any weakening of the rods supporting the players and that there is, moreover, no notable effect on its cost price.

  • The present invention aims to remedy all these drawbacks. To this end, in the table football machine to which it relates, on the one hand, each rod is composed of a single element and, on the other hand, each longitudinal wall of the box structure has, at least in the region of each bearing supporting the free end of a rod, a thickness at least equal to the axial travel of this rod so as to be able to receive this free end regardless of the axial position of the rod.

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The present invention relates to a table football machine, that is to say a table football game comprising a box structure whose rectangular base reproduces a football pitch, in which each transverse vertical wall has, in its center, an opening corresponding to a goal mouth and whose longitudinal vertical walls carry bearings for eight horizontal rods which are disposed transversely to the longitudinal direction of the box structure and each of which, mounted pivotably and axially sliding in its end bearings, carries one or more figurines or players of a single team, according to its location on the box structure with their feet level with the base of the box structure, and is provided, at one of its ends, with a maneuvering handle, all the rods supporting players of a single team being disposed with their maneuvering handles located outside the same longitudinal wall of the box structure.