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Asus TP200SA-UHBF Flip Transformer Book 2-in-1 Convertible Touchscreen Ultrabook Laptop Tablet (Intel Celeron Dual-Core N3050, 2GB DDR3L 32GB eMMC + 32GB MicroSDHC, Windows 10 Home 64-Bit)

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  • We can expect a lot of Windows 8 Tablet PC’s during the end of this year and if you are already using Windows 7 Tablets, you will definitely love to use Tablets.

    Fujitsu is a leading provider of Tablet PCs, Slate PCs, Notebooks and Servers for businesses and consumers. Fujitsu Tablet PCs have become the standard in a wide variety of environments including Government, Healthcare, Sales Force Automation, and Education. In addition, customers have come to depend on the reliability, quality and innovation of Fujitsu products. Shop now to find the best Tablet PC or Notebook to meet your particular needs.

  • A lot of very high quality tablet computer devices use the Windows 7 tablet operating system, some of the more top of the line devices include the Archos 9, the AZ01-H01, ASUS Eee Slate Tablet PC, and the WPAD. The Archos 9 is a powerful machine from a trusted name in computer tablets, and comes with a blazing fast Intel Atom processor, 1 GB of high speed DDR2 RAM, and a full version of Windows 7 installed. With this Windows 7 tablet, you can run the same programs you do at home the same way, no watered down mobile versions of software on the Archos 9. The Archos 9 also features an incredible built in web cam for live video chatting, as well as HD video playback capability. The Archos 9 also features an incredible built in web cam for live video chatting, as well as HD video playback capability and a built in Vtuner Web TV and radio player . The Wpad, a slightly less expensive tablet than the Archos 9, really gives Apple’s iPad a run for its money. It features the same multi touch screen technology as the iPad, allowing users to tap, pinch, and stretch the screen with their fingers while they experience the Internet in a truly hands on way. What makes the Wpad unique is it is the only Windows 7 tablet with multi touch capabilities, a 3G version, and an ultra light, lightening fast SSD drive. This tablet also features a camera capable of live video chatting and connects to a mouse and keyboard with bluetooth.

    On the higher end of the Windows 7 tablet cost spectrum is the ASUS Eee Slate Tablet PC. The ASUS Eee Slate Tablet PC features both a multi touch screen and a pen stylus input, which is particularly useful for those looking to take notes fast. The ASUS Eee Slate Windows 7 tablet has the ability to run advanced Windows applications with easy, and is great for gaming as well. The screen and stylus work great for programs like OneNote, which recognize handwriting and turn it into text. The huge twelve inch screen has a very high resolution for a beautiful look and viewing experience.

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    Tablets with Windows operating systems offer a full range of functions – including Word and other packages – which makes a tablet more like a traditional PC or laptop.

    Users can download Word and other packages like Powerpoint, Access or Excel and use their tablet PC for work as well as play.

    Using a tablet like a laptop will make it slower to start up and use – and because Windows packages like Word are designed for larger PC screens, it might be harder to use the packages on a much smaller screen.

    Although you can add a keyboard, it will also be much smaller – and using a stylus or fingertip touch on a small screen could make working on a Windows tablet PC slower also.

    Windows on a tablet PC does support all the programs found online and so although performance might be slower, animations and videos will appear.

    There are also Windows apps, including Kindle and Flickr – and apps which allow users to make notes or sketch.

    A tablet PC is an adaptable and portable version of a desktop or laptop PC, especially is Windows is used as the operating system.

    Windows enables a tablet to use programs like Word and Powerpoint – and the tablet can either be accessorised with a small USB keyboard or the tablet’s stylus (pen) can be used to handwrite notes on the screen.

    Handwritten notes can be edited and rewritten – and also transposed into typed words.

    There are three operating systems found in various models of tablet PC – Windows (XP, 7 or 8), Apple iOS or Google Android.

    The tablet’s operating system enables users to handwrite notes and emails on the screen using the stylus - and only Windows tablet PCs allow users to download Word, Powerpoint and other Windows packages and can also convert handwriting into text using some packages (eg Microsoft Office XP Pack for Tablet PC).

    Some programs also enable stylus pens to be used to create images, which can be converted into a graphic and inserted in a document.

    You can also draw using the stylus and app stores for all three operating systems offer sketch apps, as well as informational apps, games, videos and music.

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The version of Microsoft Office are supported with a Tablet PC only, Windows doesn't need to be to use MS Office file has MS Office files can open Android.