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Unfortunately there is no second season of Tenkai Knights.

Title: Tenkai Knights (2013– )

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  • TAG : Granox: It won't be like last time Tenkai Knights.
  • Tenkai Knights also uses a targeting system in battle, though it is very broken. Once locked onto an enemy, the player is forced to always face it, which makes battling multiple opponents virtually impossible.

    To dispatch with your foes, the player may choose one of the four Tenkai Knights to embody, each with unique stats. These stats can be boosted by customizing and creating new equipment. Although each of the Knights comes with their own signature weapon, all weapons can be wielded regardless of the user.

  • The main beef we have with Tenkai Knights is the level design and quality. This game draws heavily from established 2D brawlers, but it lacks the polish. Most levels consist of a simple, repetitive command: destroy X number of enemies. Sometimes the objective changes to collecting X number of items or surviving for X number of seconds. No matter how you look at it, each objective is pretty much the same thing with minimal repackaging.

    If we had to describe Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle in one sentence, we would call it Super Smash Bros. with Lego Power Rangers, but without the magic that made each of them great. Seriously, the resemblance between every character on Quarton, the planet on which the battles take place, and the Lego figurines is borderline plagiarist.

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    This kind of game makes us sad. With the broken controls, sub par graphics, counterproductive targeting system, nonfunctional AI and boring and forced story, one can only say this: there are simply too many problems to make Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle a fun experience.

Beag: Another swell victory by the legendary Tenkai Knights!

Later, in "", Ceylan starts suffering from self-doubt when Guren absent-mindedly asks him why they were chosen to be the new Tenkai Knights. Guren's question leads Ceylan to wonder what skills he brings to the team. When he goes to Quarton to ask what he brings to the team, Beag misinterprets the question and the pair are attacked by and . When Ceylan attempts to fight the pair alone he is overwhelmed by their new Titan Mode transformations. After this, Ceylan is convinced that the other boys would be better off without him and quits the team. When they are summoned to Quarton, Ceylan at first refuses to go, but upon seeing a vision of the others in danger, rushes off to help. When he arrived, he helped the others defeat Slyger and Granox, his faith in himself restored.