The Blue cables are HDMI (High Definition Media Input Cables)

This is the best cable for when you need to transfer data between two devices with USB connections.

Cable Matters Gold Plated DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable 6 Feet - 4K Resolution Ready

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  • In 2002, a Comedy Central airing of Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie became the network's highest-rated movie in its 12-year history, even with the DVD widely available. Larry the Cable Guy: Git-R-Done became his first solo DVD in 2003, and a year later Larry, Foxworthy, and Engvall turned their tour into the highly rated television show Blue Collar TV. Wearing his redneckness as a badge of honor while hating political correctness and racism equally made Larry a hard target for detractors, but he made news with a 2004 appearance on the morning talk show The View. Clay Aiken fans bombarded the show and the comic with hate email when the comic declared, "I'm on the Clay Aiken diet. That's where you pop in a Clay Aiken CD and try to keep food down."

    Ignoring the "controversy," Larry spread holiday cheer at the end of the year with his new CD, A Very Larry Christmas, and appeared on Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again. The Right to Bare Arms appeared in March the next year. The year 2006 was devoted mostly to film, with Larry starring in his own feature film, Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector, and supplying the voice of Mater in the animated Disney/Pixar film Cars. He also appeared on the CD and DVD Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One for the Road that year, before returning to his solo career in early 2007 with the album Morning Constitutions. By the end of 2007 his second holiday effort, Christmastime in Larryland, hit the shelves. ~ David Jeffries, Rovi

  • The PoE system is a very sophisticated application that gives customers extreme flexibility in their clock system. Connecting an Ethernet cable to the clock for both power and data is extremely simple for the installation technician. Also, the benefits of a PoE system are pretty amazing because you can control the entire system from one location and get feedback from the clocks as well.

    Andrew Smith Hallidie tested the first cable car at 4 o'clock in the morning, August 2, 1873, on San Francisco's Clay Street. His idea for a steam engine-powered, cable driven rail system was conceived in 1869, after witnessing horses being whipped while they struggled on the wet cobblestones to pull a horsecar up Jackson Street.

    Fan 7: I was just curious if next season, we were going to finally see the underwater hatch?
    Damon Lindelof: The underwater hatch?
    Fan 7: The underwater hatch.
    Damon Lindelof: What is… what is this underwater hatch of which you speak? [Crowd laughs]
    Fan 7: You know that cable?
    Carlton Cuse: The cable…! Ahh.
    Damon Lindelof: Oh, that’s interesting.
    Fan 7: They went to the right? Maybe swam out to check it out?
    Damon Lindelof: Well, I would not deny that there is an underwater hatch.
    Carlton Cuse: Yeah, I wouldn’t confirm it, but… [Someone cheers, crowd laughs]
    Damon Lindelof: Bryan? What are your thoughts?
    Bryan Burk: I’m… I don’t speak English. [Crowd laughs]
    Damon Lindelof: Are they… are they acting surprised about the underwater hatch? Poker face, they got it locked now.
    Fan 7: Thanks a lot, guys.
    Damon Lindelof: Our pleasure. [Jorge claps]
    Carlton Cuse: [Laughs] You’re applauding us for being evasive? [Laughs]

  • From the first run in 1873 to the present. Learn about the inventor, technologies, builders, rapid expansion, near loss and the ongoing efforts to save and rebuild the cable cars of San Francisco.
    Houses a collection of historic cable cars, photographs, mechanical displays and gift shop run by the Friends of the Cable Car Museum - a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of cable car history.
    Located in the Washington-Mason powerhouse and carbarn on Nob Hill. Hours of operation, contact info, travel info, cable car guide, public transportation options and schedules.

    Hallidie entered into a partnership to form the Clay Street Hill Railroad, which began construction of a cable line on Clay Street in May of 1873. The contract to operate on city streets stated the line must be operational by August 1. It was launched on the August 2. Even though they were a day late the cable car trials received great approval. Clay Street Hill Railroad began public service on September 1, 1873. It was a tremendous success.

The Cable Guy (1996) - Rotten Tomatoes

It's a time-honored urban ritual: Slip the cable guy fifty bucks and you'll get all the movie channels for free. But when Steven Kovacs moves into a new apartment, his Cable Guy is not like the others. He doesn't want your fifty bucks; all he wants is a friend... and he won't take no for an answer. Steven is about to learn that there's no such thing as free cable.