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The dice – he says – were probably linked to an early ancestor of the game of backgammon, tabulal alea.

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  • The board game of backgammon is 5,000 years old and was originally created in Mesopotamia to be played by the royals, kings and queens. Discover how the game of backgammon developed into the form played today with tips from a gaming enthusiast in this free video on playing tabletop games.

    This fine art giclee print is based on a painting entitled The Game of Backgammon by Cornelis de Vos. Active from around 1600 onwards, the artist is noted for baroque works. Themes: red, table sports, game, playing, players, entertainment, soldiers, soldier, rolling, dice, throwing, coins, gold, gambling, pearl, rug, persian, tension, female, audience, hat, feather.

  • Vic Morawski: Hi, I am Vic. We are introducing you to the game of Backgammon, today. Now, we would like to look a little bit at the rules of the game and what the object of the game backgammon is. What you see here is the setup for a standard game of Backgammon. The checkers are always setup in this kind of a mirror pattern. Each player, as we mentioned in the introduction gets 15 checkers. The object of the game is to take all of your checkers off the board before your opponent does.

    Backgammon has most certainly withstood the test of time. The introduction and fast progression of the internet has seen backgammon secure a popular place among players of the online gaming community. Not only is the game of backgammon popular in the traditional sense when played face to face by opponents, it is now by and large one of the fast paced and exciting games in a line up of online casino games popular the world over.

  • Backgammon is enjoyed by commoners and Kings alike, early game versions – the likely predecessors of the modern game of Backgammon as we know it – were played in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Rome and Iran. In ancient Egypt, it was the game of ‘Senet’ that resembled modern day backgammon as the moves of game were controlled by the roll of the dice. In Mesopotamia, the royal game of ‘Ur’ is said to be the ancestor of many contemporary table games, backgammon to name just one. Traces of the game date back to circa 3000 BC in Iran where archaeologists discovered two dice and 60 checkers - the oldest set ever discovered.

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A game so popular that it was played by kings and slaves; there is much speculation as to where the game of Backgammon actually originated from. Whether it was Egypt, Mesopotamia, Rome or Egypt, we know a game resembling modern day Backgammon involving two dice and 60 checkers was definitely being played. The oldest set of checkers ever found date back to circa 3000 BC Iran. To find out how the game is played today, take a look at our step by step guide and get accustomed to set up of the board, movement of the checkers and course of the game. Finish up your Backgammon course of discovery by finding out where best to play Backgammon online. To discover more, simply read on below.