Sonar Thermo Regulator Mattress Topper by Bambury

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  • But just because those owners are satisfied doesn't mean you will be, because what makes for a good night's sleep is very subjective. Let's look at general memory foam and Tempur-Pedic reviews, materials, and prices, to see what these mattresses offer. Then you can decide whether memory foam's cost makes sense for your budget.

    Everyone who sleeps on it, loves the mattress. My 91 year old aunt would love to have a mattress just like it. She hasn't woken up with a backache since visiting us.

  • Looking at the price ranges for these mattresses, you might be tempted to head to IKEA and pick up a low-cost mattress. However, not all memory foam is made alike. Its density can be a key factor in the quality of the mattress; .

    But memory foam mattresses aren't perfect, either. Because they respond to body heat, they may warm up overnight; for some, they may be uncomfortably warm to sleep on. Many manufacturers offer layers of gel on their foam mattresses to cool them, while Tempur-Pedic has its own cooling technology called SmartClimate and Tempur-Breeze. If heat is a concern, look for these features when shopping.

    Insul Mat Max Thermo Air Mattress
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    I love my insul-mat max thermo air mattress! It is very comfy, much more so than a Therma-rest IMHO. And it's about the same size and weight as a Therma-rest Ultralight or Prolight so you really can't go wrong! I've used mine down to 20* or so and have been warm.
    Posted Feb 9, 2006 4:03 pm

    Sonar Thermo Regulator Mattress Topper by Bambury is perfectly designed to provide you restful sleep. Sonar THERMO-regulator mattress toppers, quilts and Matterss Toppers feature advanced technology developed by NASA that buffers temperature swings and maintains a suitable body temperature throughout the night. The result is a constant microclimate, not too cold, not too hot.

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Your mattress has a significant impact on your life -- it affects everything from sleep quality to the way your muscles feel in the morning. As you're shopping for a mattress, remember that all models are not created equal. The best mattress for you depends on your health, body size, and sleep preferences. When you understand how your individual circumstances impact mattress selection, it's easier to choose one that results in a better night's sleep.