Different Tiki Torches You Can Use at Home

Hammered Nickel Kona Deluxe Tiki Torch

Matney® Bamboo Tiki Torches - Set of 12 - Includes Metal Oil Canisters with Bamboo Covers to Protect from Rain - 48" Long

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  • USA-made Big Kahuna Fin-Style Gas TIki Torches provide a soft, golden glow, enhancing any outdoor setting. No oily mess or fragile mantels, just the soothing, romantic light from an open flame for your restaurant or home. Create the perfect luau atmosphere!

    The permanent-mount set includes an 82" tiki torch pole that features durable lightweight, all steel construction, and is powder-coated for a long lasting finish. A flame adjusting valve allows a wide variety of flame heights and widths. Add convenience and safety to your Big Kahuna TIki Torch with a . If using propane, an LP Gas Regulator may be required. Please allow a minimum 36" of clearance on all sides of a Patio Torch. Patio Lights are rated up to 49,000 BTU/hr.

  • Our classically designed Patina Copper yard and garden torch adds ambiance to any lawn, deck or patio. Each tiki torch comes with a wrough iron cradle and two-piece pole, durable fiberglass wick and matching snuffer.

    Create the perfect tropical island atmosphere with this set of four Bamboo Solar Tiki Torches from Newhouse Lighting. The tiki torch design consists of three internal LEDs enclosed behind a frosted lens, with one flickering LED to create the romantic feel of natural flames. With solar dusk-to-dawn functionality, the torches recharge the internal NiCd batteries during the day using the sun's rays and automatically illuminate at night using the built-in photo cells, making these the perfect addition to your poolside, backyard, patio or any outdoor environment. Retaining the look and feel of bamboo, the torches are made of durable polycarbonate construction that is able to withstand outdoor elements all year round. To ensure custom placement when mounting, the set includes three pole assemblies and ground foot stakes for adjustable height options. With no installation or wiring required, simply stake them into the ground, remove the battery sheaths (guaranteed for maximum battery life) and transform your yard into a tropical paradise.

    Tabletop Natural Tiki Torch

  • Tabletop Pink Tiki Torch

    A great yard is like a fabulously decorated home. Backyard Bargain offers wide collection of outdoor tiki torches for your backyard the hot summer nights! You can select from various mosaic tiki torches, copper , black tiki torches or glass tiki torches. Backyard Bargain suggests a set of 6 outdoor to decorate your outdoor garden. Outdoor pillows and cushions look great paired with tiki torches. The selection of outdoor squares, outdoor seat cushions and outdoor love seats are amazing.

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This torch includes a fiberglass wick for extended use and a matching snuffer. We recommend citronella oil for insect control and/or paraffin oil for a smoke-free environment. The torch head can hold enough fuel to burn for approximately 20 hours. The Maui Tiki Torch can illuminate any area on either a patio tabletop or atop its pole.