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Timex Men's T5E901 Ironman Watch with Black Resin Band

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  • When I read this, I took it to mean that you could use up to 5 timers simultaneously. Maybe I’m just spoiled by the Timex Ironman 150 tap-watch which does food and drink timers simultaneously w/o problem, or maybe it’s the programmer in me, but running more than 1 timer at a time seems like a gimme feature.

    For the A types out there, I have set the main question I’m asking in bold below, and for the rest of us, my feedback on the Timex Ironman GPS Global Trainer (TGT) and this site follows.

  • Just got back into town from Orlando, where I used my Global Trainer in a race for the first time. I say race, but it was more of an organized event. It was the Goofy Challenge. It handled wonderfully! As I posted before, I was nervous to use it, because I’ve been using the Timex Ironman Tap watch for a while, and have become relient on it’s timers for food and water. While I still think the timers are misrepresented and improperly implemented on this watch, everything else worked great.

    Upon first glance, the Timex Timex Ironman 30 Lap Watch looks like a throwback to the 1986 best-selling original. But closer inspection finds a truly sophisticated present-day style with improved modern functionality and shock-resistant durability. This Timex black watch has a sturdy resin black band, case and bezel, all of which complement the light gray dial. Bold, black digital numbers show time, day, date and month. The Timex Ironman watch has 30-lap memory recall, a customizable alarm, stopwatch, and 12/24 hour time. All the functions are controlled by easy-to-push, dark gray buttons on both sides of the dial. The Timex Ironman 30 Lap Watch comes with Indiglo nightlight and is water resistant up to 200 m.

  • The Timex Ironman 30-Lap Watch is designed with a blend of conventional and contemporary look, while having all required features. This water resistant sport watch can resist water up to 100 meters or 300 feet. Powered with digital-quartz movement, this digital quartz watch features large time display for clear viewing of the time. You can see the time of up to two time zones. This buckle closure Timex Mens Sport Watch features a stainless steel case with black resin top ring for a durable performance. Its band is made of durable polyurethane material. Other exciting features of the Timex Ironman 30-Lap Watch include 99 lap counter, 30 lap memory recall and on the fly recall of lap or split option.

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The Timex IRONMAN Move x20 app connects to your Move x20 activity tracker band via BLE 4.0 and displays your all day movement, workouts, and sleep data. This app also serves as a portal to your Timex IRONMAN Move x20; it allows you to adjust your user profile and device settings.