3 MAC Tinted Lip Balms/ Conditioners:

If you can find it, Korres brand tinted lip balms are amazing, for moisturizing, tinting and spf. Their dark plum is the best I’ve ever had.

Neutrogena Cosmetics Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm Sheer Tint With SPF 20 - Petal Glow (40) - 0.15 oz

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  • If you prefer eco-friendly beauty products, don't miss our natural tinted lip balms. You can find a variety of tinted balms in a palette of pretty shades, all featuring top natural and organic ingredients for the benefit of your lips. Plant extracts and nourishing botanicals like Rosehip--rich in Omega oils—can help bring your lips greater comfort and a softer, healthier appearance.

    Some varieties of lip balm include sunscreen, giving your lips special protection from UV rays. SPF can provide protection against sunburn as well as long-term damage that can lead to signs of aging. Tinted lip balms can hydrate and moisturize your lips while giving you that boost of color that you love, all the while keeping your kisser safe from too much sun exposure.

  • Sans petroleum-based products, LATHER Tinted Lip Balms are formulated with organic beeswax, botanical oils, butters, extracts, mica, and iron oxide to soothe, protect, and add a dose of pretty color.

    Besides being some of the cutest balms I’ve seen in a while, LATHER Tinted Lip Balms add a nice amount of moisture to my lips and I love that the colors are so wearable and universally appealing. The balms are available in the shades Plush Plum, Pink Peony, and Cinnabar Silk, and are swatched below in that order.

  • My Final Thoughts: If you’re looking for 100% natural alternatives to traditional tinted lip balms, or if you’re just a lip product lover, you’ll need to take a look at LATHER Tinted Lip Balms. They’re great!

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If you are a fan of Benefit’s cheek and lip stains: and you’d be very happy to find out that the brand launched a line of the hydrating tinted lip balms.