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Motorola Moto E Android Prepaid Phone with Triple Minutes (Tracfone)

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  • TracFone sells prepaid wireless phones. They service millions of consumers but, specifically, also provide phones to millions of consumers enrolled in the FCC’s Lifeline subsidy program.

    The durable and compact TracFone Samsung T245G Prepaid Cell Phone fits easily in your hand and even more easily in your pocket or purse. With the popular flip-phone design of this TracFone prepaid cell phone, the screen is protected from scratches. In addition, this TracFone Samsung cell phone guards the keys from wasting minutes through accidental pocket dialing. Designed with buttons that are large and easy to locate with your thumb, this cell phone can even be dialed simply by using your voice commands. This feature maximizes convenience as well as safety when you are on the go. With its clear, uncluttered design, the TracFone Samsung T245G Prepaid Cell Phone is simple enough to begin using right away. When the phone is closed, convenient external indicators tell you the time, date and volume setting. Use the VGA camera to capture all those great shots. The battery talk time is up to five hours. This phone features caller ID, mobile web and Bluetooth wireless technology.

  • Now that you have your TracFone prepaid phone and the TracFone minutes/service days plan that is uniquely right for you and your family, you’ll have another feature that makes TracFone the attractive choice for millions of prepaid wireless consumers here in the United States: The power and reliability of the TracFone network which features the company’s strategic alliances with leading carriers and provides coverage across the country. East, west, north, or south, TracFone is there for you when you need reliable access to mobile talk, text, email, and the Web.

    Once you’ve chosen your new TracFone prepaid phone welcome to the wireless world of TracFone! Now you can purchase the airtime card or value plan that makes sense to you, how you use your mobile phone and the plan that makes the most sense for your budget. Select airtime cards that feature the minutes and service days that appeal to you. A service days plan option is also available, as are value plans that feature monthly plan options for both individual and family.

  • The TracFone MOTOGO! EX431G Prepaid Camera Phone features Bluetooth wireless technology and is an excellent way to take control of your monthly usage costs. This TracFone Prepaid Phone with Triple Minutes includes access to mobile web, a full QWERTY keyboard, a two megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom/video recorder and a 2.2-inch TFT display. The Tracfone Airtime Balance Display shows you how much airtime you have remaining, so you are always in control of your account balance.

Plans and phones/SIMS sold separately

TracFone is far and away the prepaid phone industry’s star performer with over 18 million subscribers. Current and new subscribers can expect TracFone’s ease and convenience in the form of low buy in costs, low cost to keep, and TracFone’s no contract, no bill, no credit check approach to serving the needs of prepaid phone consumers. The range of TracFone prepaid phones at Wirefly will deliver not only ease and convenience but variety too: No plain vanilla here! TracFone prepaid phones at Wirefly online offer variety in the form of phones from leading mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung and LG and include flip phones, slider phones, full physical QWERTY keyboards, and more.