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Trees-for-roof-decks, what trees do well on an urban roof deck?. growing plants, and especially trees, on rooftop gardens comes with some challenges. extreme sun, heat and wind can damage delicate plants, so you need .... A deciduous shrub with a funky common name -- harry lauder's walking stick -- corylus avellana 'contorta' twists itself into seemingly unfathomable shapes that are good sculptural plant accents to a rooftop garden.the heart-shape foliage on the shrub or small tree, which can reach 10 feet tall and is hardy in zones 4-8, is interesting, too., roof gardens are popular. combining uses is a frequent choice, in particular when it comes to urban infill development areas. for instance, the roofs of offices or schools can be converted into park-like gardens with lunch terraces for workers or students..

1. citrus citrus of all kinds — most commonly lemons, limes, kumquats, oranges and tangerines — can be grown in large containers and make pretty accents on patios, in herb gardens or tucked into a garden bed.all citrus plants are frost-tender; in cold climates, plan on bringing the trees inside to a sunny window or greenhouse., trees for tight spaces . part of the answer, at least, is by creating gardens in the small allotment of tight spaces outdoors that so many of us have to work with. even larger properties have small nooks, which seem like impossible spots to plant. but a narrow side yard, a lifeless courtyard, or an uninviting roof deck are all golden opportunities for a petite green space..

Plants for a deck can be small and colorful or tall and exciting. potted deck plants can be a way of bringing shrubs and trees into a patio or deck environment. container plants work as potted deck plants and can range from flowers to shrubs to vines to trees. choices for the container plant for a deck can be as ..., kousa dogwood (cornus kousa) produces its flowers (actually, bracts) after the leaves have appeared, which puts its bloom period a few weeks later in spring than flowering dogwood (c. florida), and the flowers seem to hold for weeks.even better: kousa dogwood has much better disease resistance, while c. florida's is susceptible to anthracnose.kousa dogwood typically grows 20 to 30 feet high ....

For large outdoor spaces that can accommodate large containers, consider a mix of annuals, perennial flowering plants, shrubs and trees. for roof decks and terraces use small containers planted ..., van den berk uk limited. unit a, unex house, bourges boulevard peterborough, cambridgeshire, pe1 1ng united kingdom. t: +31 (0) 413 - 480 480 f: +31 (0) 413 - 480 490