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Hikari Usa Inc AHK21328 tropical Algae Wafer 8.8-Ounce

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  • Feed no more than the amount your fish will completely consume within an hour. Care should be taken to avoid over-feeding and always remove uneaten food after feeding period.
    Developed, produced and packaged in our facilities so we can be assured you'll always get the Hikari quality you expect!
    Hikari Tropical Mini Algae Wafers contains higher levels of natural ingredients which may cause a slight change in color from one production lot to another. Rest assured each package meets our nutritional specifications.

    Hikari Usa Inc AHK21328 tropical Algae Wafer 8.8-Ounce
    specifically developed for the hard to feed plecostomus and other algae eating bottom feeders

  • Hikari Tropical Algae Wafers for Plecostomus & Algae Eaters serve as a complete daily diet that is fortified with vitamin supplements, for the hard-to-feed plecostomus, algae eaters and other species of bottom feeders. This algae-eater and plecostomus food contains a perfect balance of select premium ingredients that promote proper fish growth. In addition, this daily diet is formulated with mostly vegetable materials that plecostomus and other algae eaters prefer, making it a delicious meal that they are bound to enjoy. Developed, produced and packaged under strict quality control in Japan, these Hikari wafers make for a high-quality and premium food that you can feel good about feeding to your bottom-feeding and algae-eating aquatic life. Specifically developed for easy feeding, these sinking algae wafers come in the form of uniquely shaped discs that have been designed to sink rapidly while also retaining their one-of-a-kind disc-like shape. This provides less-aggressive species with a chance to gnaw away and have plenty of access to the nutrition these wafers have to offer. In addition, these sinking balanced wafers will not dissolve or cloud the water.

    After considerable experimentation, we developed the best ingredient formulation possible. Next we had to develop a pellet the fish would eat, one that wouldn’t dissolve in water and allowed the nutrition to be accessed readily. The revolutionary disk shape was chosen because it complimented the way plecostomus eat. Of course over the years our Hikari Tropical Algae Wafers have saved many plecos and become a sales leader worldwide.

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    Hikari Usa Inc AHK21328 tropical Algae Wafer 8.8-Ounce
    specifically developed for the hard to feed plecostomus and other algae eating bottom feeders

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    Saving Plecostomus – A Hikari Success Story! The original disk shaped wafers were developed by studying their shape of mouth. In 1991 when we launched Hikari Tropical Algae Wafers, no other food existed to help keep plecostomus healthy. There were many reports of Plecostomus getting thinner with each passing day. To address this problem, Hikari began researching raw materials and production techniques to develop potential diets.

Details about Tropical Algae Wafers

Hikari Tropical Algae Wafers were specifically developed for the hard to feed plecostomus and other algae eating bottom feeders. Contains high levels of vegetable matter that algae eaters prefer and love!