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  • TAG : Women turban. Its usually smaller, more roundish with lesser pleats.
  • Different kinds of water turbine are used depending on thegeography of the area, how much water is available (the ),and the distance over which it can be made to fall (the head).Some hydroelectric plants use bucket-like impulse turbines (typically Pelton wheels); others use Francis, Kaplan,or Deriaz reaction turbines. The type of turbine is chosen carefully toextract the maximum amount of energy from the water.

    Trivia: Although turbans have been worn in Western societies since the 17th century without being very common, they have recently had a resurgence in popularity, especially as a fashion accessory for women undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. Additionally, turbans were worn by the upper class, Hollywood starlets and any New York girl looking to get some attention during the '20s and '30s.

  • Steam turbines evolved from the that changed theworld in the 18th and 19th centuries. A steam engine burns coal on anopen fire to release the heat it contains. The heat is used to boilwater and make steam, which pushes a piston in a cylinder to power amachine such as a railroad locomotive. This is quite inefficient (itwastes energy) for a whole variety of reasons. A much better designtakes the steam and channels it past the blades of a turbine, whichspins around like a propeller and drives the machine as it goes.

    Steam turbines were pioneered by British engineer Charles Parsons(1854–1931), who used them to power a famously speedy motorboatcalled in 1889. Since then,they've been used in manydifferent ways. Virtually all generate electricity usingsteam turbines. In a coal-fired plant, coal is burned in a furnaceand used to heat water to make steam that spins high-speed turbinesconnected to electricity generators. In a , theheat that makes the steam comes from atomic reactions.

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    Unlike water and wind turbines, which place a single rotatingturbine in the flow of liquid or gas, steam turbines have a wholeseries of turbines (each of which is known as a )arranged in a sequence inside what is effectively a closed pipe. Asthe steam enters the pipe, it's channeled past each stage in turn soprogressively more of its energy is extracted. If you've ever watcheda kettle boiling, you'll know that steam expands and moves veryquickly if it's directed through a nozzle. For that reason, steamturbines turn at very high speeds—many times faster than wind orwater turbines.

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Hide your regrowth. You’ve changed your part, styled your hair bigger but you can still see you’re overdue for a salon appointment? Pop on a turban! The perfect root cover-up.