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  • Even if it seems strange to some people, there are several reasons to buy TV series DVDs instead of simply watching them when they are aired. And I am not only speaking about nostalgia for old series that are no more broadcasted. Even for some relative new series, I would rather wait for the DVD release than to follow them on TV. Here is why.

    I suppose this is as issue most people have with watching TV series on DVD as we tend to thrive for the latest things. The latest series, the latest episodes of these series… Personally, I don’t mind much this delay. Sure, it kills the buzz and this is bad for me as a blogger but on a personal level, a good series stays a good series whether it was out 2 months ago or even 3 years ago. The suspense is the same from episode to episode (as long as you don’t know the end already) and well the content is the same.

  • All wholesale tv series dvds are New, Factory Sealed in standard size cases with original artwork and packaging. All wholesale dvds are official releases, not imports or copies. DVDs are Region 1 (Coded for US/Canada). We carry over 1,500 different titles and stock is always changing.

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