What Is Underground Dog Fencing?

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SportDOG Brand SDF-100A In-Ground Fence System

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  • An underground fence is easily customized to your needs and allows your pet the freedom to run and play. Give us a call, we’d love to show you how we work.

    You cannot convince me that sending an electric shock/pulse into your dog's neck, is either a good idea or has no adverse affects on the animal. An electric underground type fence will not work for a Ridgeback. Most reputable Ridgeback breeders will not put a puppy in a home with an underground electric fence. I definitely will not put a high drive hunting dog in a home with an electric fence.

  • Use a wire mesh under raised beds; bury the mesh – hardware cloth – 24 inches down to create a barrier around your yard or garden. Pair the underground fence with an above ground one.

    I have two 60 lb dogs, a German Shepherd and a Black Lab. We purchased a new property and plan on containing them via an underground fence whereas our last home had an above ground fence. I had a couple professionals come out and I wasn’t impressed and will probably end up doing the job myself. Which system would you recommend that would have independent correction levels, and also seperate remote trainers? Thanks for your help.

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    Outdoor Pet Solutions installs electric underground dog fencing and repairs existing systems such as Invisible Fence® Brand. Serving Nashville, Hendersonville TN

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An invisible fence (or electric, hidden or underground fence) keeps pets inside an invisible boundary via electronic underground wires that send signals to a receiver Finally a true RF-null fault locator that is cost effective for the do it yourself owner of Invisible Fence® Brand and all other containment systems. It is the opinion of TMINFO that invisible / underground / electric / radio fencing ON ITS OWN is NOT a proper containment solution for the Tibetan