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  • Upon leaving Ladysmith, US 8 passes through the communities of , , (where it meets the northern terminus of ) and on its way out of Rusk County. In , US 8 passes through and . terminates at its south end on US 8 just east of Catawba. US 8 meets at a diamond interchange northwest of and passes north of the city. The highway passes through and enters at . Further east, US 8 crosses and and runs north of as it passes through the Lake Nokomis area. crosses US 8 northeast of Tomahawk. US 8 turns northeast into and onto a twisting northeasterly alignment. The highway passes through and expands to a divided highway into Rhinelander. It merges with on the southwest side of . north joins the highways one-half mile (0.80 km) to the southeast, creating a with WIS 47; along this section of highway, eastbound US 8 is also southbound WIS 47 and northbound WIS 17 and vice versa. WIS 17 turns to the north two miles (3.2 km) southeast of there, and US 8 and WIS 47 head eastbound out of the Rhinelander area.

    US 8 enters at as a multilane roadway. It joins (WIS 35) at a located approximately one mile (1.6 km) from the state line. The two highways run concurrently for four miles (6.4 km) before WIS 35 turns off to the north at a location in the west of Deer Lake. US 8 continues eastward through forest lands, and joins from the north for a four-mile (6.4 km) concurrency before splitting off to the south. Continuing eastward, US 8 passes through and crosses into at . merges from the south near Turtle Lake and departs to the north in the downtown area. The roadway passes through and intersects in . East of Barron, US 8 meets at a mixed diamond/cloverleaf interchange and turns north into , then turns east in downtown to leave the latter community. After a nine-mile (14 km) straightaway, the highway crosses into , and then it continues due east for an additional five miles (8.0 km) before turning northeast and passing through . Continuing northeasterly, the roadway crosses in . East of town, the highway continues through rural Rusk County, and US 8 meets in downtown .

  • US 8 intersects south in , and WIS 47 splits from US 8 to follow US 45 south. Immediately east of the same intersection, US 45 north follows US 8 for one mile (1.6 km) before splitting to the north. US 8 enters five miles (8.0 km) east of Monico. Seven miles (11 km) into the county, the highway merges with from the north in and the two highways head east to where US 8 turns north and WIS 32 turns south. US 8 turns east again at and passes through the community of one mile (1.6 km) from the line. The highway passes through and as it meanders through the county and joins at . The two routes split 10 miles (16 km) further north near ; after the split, US 8 heads east. The highway takes a northward turn and heads across the into near Pier's Gorge Park.

    , the Minnesota section of US 8 is defined as Constitutional Route 46 and Legislative Route 98 in the Minnesota Statutes §§ and ; the roadway is not marked with those numbers. The section of US 8 in Chisago County is officially designated the Moberg Trail.

    Crash on foggy US 83 claims life of respected ND football coach
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    MINOT, ND(AP)--High school athletics officials in North Dakota are mourning the death of a respected athletic director and football coach in a chain-reaction crash on a foggy U.S. Highway 83 south of Minot. Lyne Enget died Monday morning in one of th[...]
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  • US 89 reopens in northern Arizona
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    FLAGSTAFF, AZ (CBS5 / AP) - Two years after a landslide tore apart a 500-foot section of U.S. 89 in northern Arizona, the Arizona Department of Transportation has reopened the highway to traffic. Brian Flom is torn between grief and anger. His 12-yea[...]
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    In Center City, US 8 runs between North and South Center lakes, curving around the north shore of South Center Lake. On the eastern edge of town, it turns due east for several miles and runs through . US 8 merges with (MN 95) about two miles (3.2 km) southwest of . The two highways turn northeast along the , entering town. At this point, MN 95 continues north along the river while US 8 turns east to cross the St. Croix River, exiting the state of Minnesota into .

US 8 Traffic Conditions and Accident Reports - Navbug

The highway was originally commissioned on November 11, 1926, with the rest of the original U.S. Highway System. At the time, it ran between Forest Lake, Minnesota, and , with a planned continuation to . Several changes have been made to the routing of the highway since then. The western end was extended south to before it was truncated back to Forest Lake. Other changes on the east end have moved that terminus from the originally planned end location at Powers to the current location in Norway. Internal Wisconsin and Michigan DOT map files at various times have shown plans to reroute the highway to connect to the original 1926 terminus. US 8's course through the three states has also been shifted to follow different alignments over the years.