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I thought a VGA to HDMI was not possible - but they sell a cable (without converter)

VicTsing Gold-Plated HDMI to VGA Converter Adapter for PC, Laptop, DVD, Desktop and other HDMI Input Devices - Black (VS1-VC38BVT-VD)

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  • Connect your to your TV with a VGA to HDMI converter from eBay. The key to enjoying great is putting the content you want on the best screen you have; so don't leave your computer out of the equation.

    We suggest you use for converting VGA to HDMI. This box handles the job cleanly without artifacts or other unfixable problems. This box does not scale, however. This means that there are very limited resolutions available. We tested it to display 1024x768, but better resolutions are probably possible depending on your VGA source. This option also allows the addition of analog stereo audio (RCA) that allow you to embed audio into your HDMI signal and also allows you to choose whether you are converting an RGB (VGA style) or Component signal.

  • Much of the information below is outdated. We recommend you stick with one of the two VGA to HDMI converters talked about above. The below solutions still work well for specific scenarios and are worth mentioning.

    Bafo BF h101 converter of VGA to HDMI use a single VGA and 3.5mm audio source, accessing to single HDMI. It can convert analog input signal PC and audio signal to digital HDMI format. It can connect the analog HD-15 VGA output from PC to the digital HDMI input of the latest HD.

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    As you are confused how to fix up these two together the best way out is to use a VGA to HDMI Converter

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  • If you're trying to decide whether you really want to invest the extra money for the 1080p capabilities, maybe this will help. How big is your HDTV? If it's 37 inches or smaller, chances are your TV either doesn't even support 1080p or it doesn't matter because it looks virtually the same, especially as you approach 32 inches or smaller. If you've got a 42 inch TV or larger, and you plan on using this scaler to read text from your VGA source, 720p will actually work out well since the text will be larger. You'll find yourself using 720p for reading normal sized text from across the room. If it's mainly video that you'll be watching and you have a TV larger than 37 inches, and you consider yourself a "videophile" or one the obsessively loves high definition, then the extra money for a 1080p VGA to HDMI scaler is recommended.

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We've tested this and it works really well. We take VGA to HDMI quite seriously, having tested many units over the last year or so. This unit has the best value on the market, converting up to 720p perfectly without any bands of color, artifacts, or blips that other modestly priced VGA to HDMI scalers can sometimes have. Of course, if you're wanting 1080p with scaling, you'll need to invest more than 3 times the money. Or you can take a look at the .