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  • Sick of video crap from a stills camera? Wow, then why is Nikon offering the statement and video rigs at Nab if they were not intending their DSLRs to do video? I suggest you brush up on some comprehension on the matter. It will help your understanding on many things.

    Lol. Well the most we do is three video rigs and two photos. We don’t stream or do Same Day Edits. =) but heck, the A7S is one heck of a performer

  • And it’s fascinating to see all the different approaches to capturing 360° video. So I surveyed the current 360° video rigs being offered and then organized every serious option into this epic listing. The results are telling…

    Here you can find info and links on all the video rigs and accessories I use on a daily basis. Want more info? Check out my and watch my for more information.

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