Vintage Stromberg Carlson Wall Phone

- Simple installation: Slide mounts onto wall phone jack

AT&T 210M Trimline Corded Phone, 1 Handset, White

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  • This Colonial-style country wall phone is an authentic reproduction of early American heritage. While this beautiful recreation is designed to provide high-quality communications, it has all the charm of the faithful original. Introduced in the early 1920's, this classic features a crank handle that actually turns. The Crosley Country Wall Phone II features touch-tone buttons with a rotary look. The handcrafted wood and veneer cabinet is enhanced with striking brushed bronze-plated hardware. This beauty is as functional as it is fabulous, and even includes a recipe-style compartment, volume controls for ringer and receiver and hold and speaker phone features.

    When my parents, Merl and Edna Whitehead, lived on Huron Street in Goshen, they had two sons and two daughters, but no telephone. The small, rectangular wall phone that hung on our dining room wall didn’t arrive until 1927, when my 6-year-old brother Bob lay critically ill with “lung fever” that lasted for six weeks. This phone soon became a valued member of our family.

  • In addition to offering a reliable land line connection, corded and vintage phones can enhance the style of your house. Retro wall phones with buttons or even rotary dialing create an eye-catching conversation piece in your home. If you want to step back even further in time, check out vintage wall phones in Art Deco or Victorian styling. Polished wood, brass trim and metal ringer bells give these old-school wall phones a timeless feel that new technology just can't match. Make your next call without worrying about your connection's bars, and pick up a corded phone from Sears.

    It seems like everybody has a or tablet in their hand these days. If you're yearning for simpler times, before constant connectivity and around-the-clock Internet access, then Sears has you covered. Install a classic corded wall phone in your home for that old-school feel.

    Cortelco 2554 RED Wall Phone with ARMOURED CORD
    Cortelco 2554 RED Wall Phone with ARMOURED CORD -Vandal Resistant - Great for Public Use areas - Kiosks, Airports, Warehouses, Prisons, Hospitals, Schools - Durable Stainless Steel Cord.
    Price: $149.95
    Sale: $119.95

  • 1. 2554 - Red - Brand New
    2. 354 Chrome Trim version
    5. Model 352/354 Wall Phone
    6. Reproduction 352 - Brushed Chrome
    7. 2554 - Black - Brand new
    8. Reproduction 352 - Black
    9. 2554 - White - Brand New
    10. Reproduction 352 - Red

    Now then I have to say, I love the retro possibilities with this device. It’s an old wall mounted phone that you’d expect to see in any American Diner worth it’s salt. And they do like their salt in America.

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Henry Dreyfuss, who designed the aforementioned rotary phones, also designed wall phones. True to Crosley’s fashion, it also has additionally colored versions of this phone for color coordination – one that came with a fiery red color, and the other coated in shiny chrome.