1979The Walmart Foundation was established.

Deal positions Walmart for expanded e-commerce growth

BOWIE— Not everyone wants a Walmart store in the Duvall Village shopping center.

The End of the American Era

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  • Consumers offer a mixed appraisal of the Walmart store brand Great Value. A Cheapism Facebook poll revealed that many frugal shoppers consider the brand satisfactory, and Walmart was the clear leader when respondents ranked the three retailers on quality and overall value. But reviews posted elsewhere online are less complimentary about the in-house label, and some note that produce often looks wilted and generally unappetizing.

    Kroger was the most expensive grocery store in the sample, with a receipt total of $93.73 -- more than $21 higher than Aldi. When Kroger Plus Card prices were factored in, the bottom line dropped to $86.78 (a savings of $6.95) -- still more expensive than the competition but inching close to Walmart. Kroger's loyalty card program offers rewards in the form of lower prices on groceries and on fuel when filling up at a Kroger pump or select gas stations. Customers can earn as much as $1 off each gallon of gasoline on one purchase up to 35 gallons.

  • Selection at Kroger is slightly better than what Cheapism found at Walmart and definitely superior to Aldi. For example, Kroger was the only chain that maintained fresh meat and seafood counters. In-house brands, including the Kroger Value label (the retailer's low-price brand), garner accolades from frugal shoppers and experts. Trade publication named Kroger its 2013 Retailer of the Year. Consumers we spoke to also commend the shopping experience, a factor that earned Kroger more points than Walmart and Aldi in this .

    Walmart should serve frugal shoppers well in the absence of an Aldi. The items in Cheapism's shopping cart, which included mostly store brands, totaled $85.88. The mega-discount retailer maintains a price-matching policy that honors competitors' advertised prices on identical items (brand, contents, and quantity) at the register. The policy covers other grocery stores' preferred shopping card discounts, helping solidify a price edge over Kroger. Walmart holds a particular advantage when it comes to brand-name items: 20 out of 26 cost less than they did at Kroger (19 when accounting for loyalty card prices).

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  • Bottom Line: Shoppers who choose a grocery store on price alone will head to Aldi, which boasts decent store brands and a unique format that makes for cheap, no-nonsense shopping. Walmart stands out for certain price advantages and inventory that extends far beyond groceries, while Kroger's strong suit is the overall shopping experience and generous loyalty program.

Woman's Generosity at Walmart Goes Viral

Kline: It's definitely possible that this gets Walmart back on the growth path from ramping down to ramping up, but I think Amazon is watching this and laughing. This is not a competitor. This is my little league team challenging the Red Socks. It's not going to do that, but they can become a better No. 2. The other thing they can do is crowd out some of the other players. If I'm Amazon, I'm not worried. If I'm Target, I'm a little bit nervous. If I'm Kohl's, maybe I'm nervous. This is sort of Walmart saying, "We're in second place, let's consolidate." And almost any price is worth it to do that.