With 51 stores, Walmart recorded sales of $78 million.

1970Walmart became a publicly traded company. The first stock was sold at $16.50 per share.

Walmart releases 2016 Global Responsibility Report

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  • It is walmarts fault for lying in their ads and it is the people who fall for it’s fault for being too stupid to look elsewhwere. Walmart DOES NOT HAVE THE LOWEST PRICES you people that shop there do so only because you fall for the lying commercials. A top level exec at Walmart said in an interview that I watched,”yes we put cheap products at the ends of the isle to suck people in, they see a cheap microwave and figure well if that one is so cheap then the other better ones down the isle must be as well, in fact they are more expensive than many other stores” The only cheap ones are at the ends of the isle what they call loss leaders. The problem is too many stupid people in this country and if you shop at walmart you are one of them

    Big businesses like Walmart and many, many others now fit into the Communist mold quite well. Centralized business and conglomerates much more easily controlled by government.

  • Being uneducated is a travesty! Being poor is a result of lack of education. Whether it is walmart or not isn’t the question, it could be macdonalds, burger king, any fast food, or any discount grocer, hardware store, clothing store, etc. they have to have low income workers. That’s the minimum wage battle, just raise it to $10.10 an hour and all will be well, except now, the prices of product has to be increased, or people laid off! Just as always, the applicants they recieve won’t be educated very well, maybe not even HS graduates, maybe not even GED qualified, the menial work available at these establishments is meant to be entry level positions. Increase their education levels would be my recommendation. It is a job, a rarity in this liberal economy! If only she could have talked to BO she might have gotten a cell phone, or a gummitt check.

    Ever been to a Walmart? Or a Target store? Or K-Mart? They ARE aiding in the rapid decline of America by selling goods almost exclusively made in foreign lands. Most of it is worthless JUNK that falls apart in a short period of time. I know, I own some of that wreckage.

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    Yea one out of 5 thousand, why don’t you look into the facts here, your wife will never go any further because she is a woman. walmart is known to not promote women, hell there was just a huge lawsuit against them over this ,or do you just choose to ignore things like that

Liar! This WalMart should be renamed “GhettoMart” and you know it.

Hey moderators, we have a terrorist here. His name is Joe and he is using the threats of violence against the owners of Walmart cause he doesn’t like the store. I would think that you people would ban someone who was encouraging the murder of people here.