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Dwyer and her supporters say they also have security concerns regarding a Walmart store.

With 51 stores, Walmart recorded sales of $78 million.

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  • I sense you are a progressive liberal with the rant against those that have succeeded and made it. The term “Robber-Baron” really does not apply to any business in this country. It is now just a “made for TV” story. Walmart is just a retailer. I hate that they sell Chinese junk mostly, instead of better quality products made here. But since we do not have prison labor, child labor, and 7-day work weeks for near no wages we must charge greater prices for our products.

    Yes it means ALL WalMart’s for 1 year to include the parking lot. When you are trespassed warned from a WalMart, you are usually provided a piece of paper from them explaining this. Please don’t assume!

  • And just cause he’s trespass from three other walmart does mean he is from all of them so that still dont give them the right. He can go others one they did trespass him from all of them

    well first it wasnt Pensacola Police who showed up , it was Escambia County Sheriff ( 2 different agencies within our city ) . second one guy(cant say which, but im sure you can guess) is trespassed from 3 Walmarts in the city and was recognized by loss prevention so the initial call was for trespassing not “shopping too slow”.

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  • So you’re saying that Walmart should have a huge lay-off and pay the employees they keep more? That is ridiculous! Besides, how would that strategy help this woman? Something tells me she wouldn’t be one of the ones chosen to stay. So in your plan, you would choose that she has NO job opportunities! How nice! She CHOOSES to work there. She CHOOSES to accept the wage they offer. If she can find better, she is more than welcome TO GO GET IT. THAT is Conservative thinking – DOING FOR YOURSELF without waiting for a handout! There are many avenues available to her to better herself, many have done it, but that would take work and effort on her part. No, no … Sitting and complaining about the mud hole you’re stuck in and demanding everyone else get you out is a lot easier than figuring a way out of it on your own!

Now, you may be a touch surprised. “You just started!”, “Walmart?”

You apparently have a vendetta against WalMart for some slights or maybe you worked there and were fired. Something that has enflamed you to make all the unsupported claims you’ve made and the anger against the company and it’s owners. In fact, although some businesses have closed because of being in proximity to Walmart, many others have experienced an increase in business because there is more traffic brought closer to their stores or services. I have several relatives who work at Walmart and they may not always be happy with the hours or the shifts, but they are happy for the job. One of them is a manager and is proud to have the opportunity.