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  • Like with many things sized in 5 gallons, the 5 gallon water jug is popular with preppers, who use them to store years of water. A person needs at minimum one gallon of water each day, making the math very easy. If you want a supply of water that lasts 365 days, you’ll want 365 gallons of water. That’s 73 of these things full.

    But don’t expect that take too much abuse. If you’re planning on playing it a little rough with your water jugs, you’ll want to pass on this one and consider something a little more spartan…

  • The guys from global buckets have made a sub irrigated planter based on one 5 gallon bucket and one 5 gallon water jug. They developed the idea it because in african villages, 5 gallon buckets are so valuable that a villager would never dream of drilling holes in one. But apparently old 5 gallon water jugs aren’t nearly so useful, so maybe it’s ok to cut them apart. You’ll find more details about their

    Buying your very own 5 gallon water jug will if you buy online. That’s significantly more than a standard 5 gallon bucket, for the privilege of a narrower neck and lighter duty plastic. You can get them cheaper offline. Many grocery stores are now stocking them to sell distilled water in, so try there first.

    2-gallon Insulated Water Bottle Jug and Thermal Tote Carrier. Hug a Jug protects, insulates and keeps the perfect temperature for hours; instant comfort and multi-purpose.
    *Available in multiple colors
    2 gallon Water Cooler Jug - Thermal Tote Carrier   
    Retail price: $34.95Online price $24.95, 2 for $44.95

  • 1-gallon insulated water Jug and tote. Multi-purpose Jug that provides both hot or cold water. Protects and insulates; instant comfort with your portable Hug a Jug. Up to 1-gallon of fresh clean water...
    *Available in Black with White or Pink Trim
    1 gallon Insulated Cooler Jug and Tote Carrier   
    Retail price: $28.95Online price: $19.95, 2 for $31.95

    The best part is that it works on its own without needing an entire tower unit like the water jug above. Handle, screw top lid and spigot – it’s got it all.

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The office water jug is technically a “carboy” though most people outside the homebrewing world won’t recognize the word. Serious carboys are made of very thick glass and are extraordinarily heavy, which is why plastic ones are much more popular.