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It takes less than $100 to pick up a waterproof camera such as the compact Nikon COOLPIX S33

Aurosports 4K 16MP Wi-Fi Waterproof Sports' DV Camera - Supports 64GB(memory card not Included)

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  • My mom needs one of these. She lives in FL and loves to take pictures, but she is always afraid to take her expensive camera out on the water. A waterproof camera would be perfect!

    Many new tech products will crack if you drop them. Cracked cell phones screens are commonplace nowadays. These underwater digital cameras can take a beating and live to tell the tale – not like most cameras, phones, tablets or tech products in general. The best waterproof cameras are shockproof up to 7 feet, although all of the cameras in our review can at least withstand a drop from 4.9 feet.

  • Waterproof cameras are essentially a more durable version of point-and-shoot cameras. They have the same level of image quality and extra features of those simple cameras, but their casings are sealed to keep water and dirt away from the internal components. The parts that open, like the battery and memory case, usually have extra seals and locks to keep water out. None of these cameras float, and some of them do not include wrist straps, so you'll need to keep a firm grasp when you're over deep water.

    Durability is the key with these cameras. These waterproof digital cameras can handle more than a couple drops of water. Many of the devices are rated to work more than 30 feet under water. Some, like the Nikon Coolpix AW130, are rated to go 100 feet under water. A water-tight shell isn't the only durability feature. Many of these cameras are also dustproof. They are built with casings sealed so tightly that you don't have to worry about dropping them in the sand or dirt.

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  • Canon Powershot D30
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    Summary: The world’s deepest waterproof camera, the Canon PowerShot D30 can be submerged down to 82 feet—the deepest of any compact digital camera. OTher features include Movie Digest, which records a movie clip every time you shoot a still, then combines a day’s worth into a single video, as well as Fisheye Effect, Miniature Effect, Toy Camera Effect, and Smart Shutter, which is when the camera automatically takes a photo when someone smiles, winks, or gets into the frame. The camera has built-in GPS, a Sunlight LCD mode so you can see what’s going on, and a top ISO of 3200.

    Waterproof Cameras: What Other Features Do You Need?
    Like most modern digital cameras, waterproof cameras have a wide range of available options and features. Adjustments for the image quality, exposure and shutter speed are within the menus. Many cameras come with picture effects to add an artistic touch. However, the most important additional feature is the ability to shoot video. Most of the cameras on our lineup shoot 1080p. A camera that films in 1080p will have the best pixel ratio and therefore the clearest image, while the lower pixel ratios of 720p and standard definition reduce the image quality of the video. Finally, new features in these cameras include Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS tagging.

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The Coleman Xtreme C5WP Shock & Waterproof Digital Camera combines 12.0-megapixels with a f/3.0 wide-angle lens, anti-shake image-stabilization, and a high-resolution 2.7-inch LCD. The C5WP also offers waterproof protection up to 33 feet (10 meters), shock resistance up to 3.2 feet, and is to -10C (14F), making it the perfect companion for all sorts of outdoor activities.