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Rothco 64 Inch Military Color Web Belts

Columbia Columbia Men's Military-Style Belt ,Black,One Size

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  • At MUS, we offer more than just military belts for sale. We also carry military style belt buckles, belt tips, pistol belts, web belts, rigger belts and more. Whether for casual attire or combat, we offer a wide range of military style belts for sale at great prices.

    All aboard with the Vans black web belt featuring a web construction, custom Vans logo belt buckle, and a simple construction that will keep your pants up all the time.

  • Webbing belts are not just for army and military personnel. Military web belts have become a popular accessory for casual attire as well. With so many colors and styles to choose, it's easy to find the perfect web belt to match any attire. Browse for the ideal military webbing belt below.

    Tough canvas webbing holds up your pants even in face of danger. With custom cut-to-fit sizing, you can rock any of the web belts from Obey, DC, Neff, Vans, and more. Find what compliments your personal tastes while keeping your pants up in style.

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    NWP's advantages and capabilities is that manufactures everything from basic spun polyester garment belts to high-end retail belts utilizing intricate trims and leather. Our design team will assist you in creating your concept utilizing the latest fashion trends to create the latest styling for your web belts. We also manufacture commercial and government specification military belts. NWPs’ web belts are made from a variety of fibers, including cotton, nylon, polypropylene, spun polyester, as well as many eco-friendly yarns to weave webbing in military, ribbed, surcingle and jacquard weaves.

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Sagging your pants may have been cool in middle school, but it's not anymore. Make sure they stay up with the heavy weight Deluxe Web Belt, complete with a stamped volt logo on the buckle and leather detail at the tip.